Thursday, February 19, 2015


I've only got 150 pages left of Moby Dick, just got to power through it before the end of the week.  But its so boring.... finally got to the part where they chase whales through a set of islands while being chased themselves by pirates.  That was interesting but dulled a bit by the wordiness.
Class last night ended early due to a visiting artist's lecture the teacher cut the class short-we did get through all the workshop stuff-so we could all attend.  Due to not having eaten dinner and working out before class, I only made it through 40 minutes before leaving.  I was tired, hungry and the seat was not comfortable so I felt I wasn't doing the artist justice in staying when I was barely paying attention.
Finally got paid, but don't work til tomorrow, so this next check is going to be small. Sigh...

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