Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Groundhog Day!

School's heating up so I don't have as much to do this as I did during the fall. Looks like we may not have an early spring as usual, though that's not very depenable either way.
I had a conversation with one of my coworker's last friday about whether I prefer day or evening shift.  I told them that it was hard to say, given day is usually so busy I couldn't talk to coworkers very much, whereas evening is slower and I seemed to have too much time to talk.  So it depended.
I'm hitting a dead end with my current photo project, so I'm having to rethink it.  My teacher is getting annoyed about the fact that my only camera is my cell phone at the moment and they don't much like those.  But I don't have a lot of options unless I steal my mom's dslr and run around with it for a while.
And I've got to crack down on math...

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