Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentines Craze...

Today at work that's what a lot of the sales were.  Granted the customers bought lunch too, but they were looking for stuff first.  Made for a crazy day, especially for the new cashier, who had to figure out the register while trying to make the order accurate.  Not that any of us are perfect at it, we just know how to catch 95% of them before the customer pays so as to avoid a bigger issue that has to be fixed.

Workshop wasn't as bad, given I had six photo's, but they still want me to get a lot more for my project.  The teacher challenged me to do feline point of view shots and prove them wrong about how those would go over.  Which means borrowing my mom's camera again-though I might try some with a medium format film camera when I can get the film for it-and running around for a while.

Lots of reading to do too...

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