Monday, February 9, 2015


Met a younger person who went to the junior high while I worked there.  They recognized me, but I had to ask before either of us knew why.  This was friday.  Saturday we had a crew of about eight county deputy's come in for lunch.  Found out why when I got home-some big event in another town.
Two or three nice days in a row, then today it is not only cloudy, we've got a bit of rain coming down.  I can dream that it'll snow, right?
Choir practice yesterday had the usual visitor: a 18m to 2 year old very cute who loves to stand in the doorway and lean around the frame while we sing.  This time they had a bunch of Cars stickers stuck all over their forehead.  But it's nice to know they like the singing at that young of an age, even if they are running away from the nursery people to do so.  At least they know where to find the child.
Met the new cashier at work saturday too, who asked me a couple of questions when I wasn't busy.  At least I know the register well enough to help.  Still learning drinks and expo, but so are they.
My sister took my nieces to the aquarium today, so I can hopefully make a big step with my homework-mainly math.
Had a very weird dream last night, which was kind of work, kind of home, and some place I'd never been in real life mashed together with people from each placed randomly showing up.  Why do they make sense during the dream but when you wake up you can't say for sure what was going on?

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