Monday, February 16, 2015


Happy Valentines Day! And Presidents Day is today of course, but I had to cover the first one as well.  My valentines was a bit lonely due to having to work and then having to exercise alone because my mom was not home yet. Of course then during my warm up I felt like I couldn't breathe and had to go back inside the heated house-workout area is not heated and its half underground-for ten minutes before I could finish.  Probably not the best way to do it, but what else could I do?
Got off work right on time, given how many of the treats went before the half off thing started so people weren't as interested.  Don't have work today, so I've been catching up on Moby Dick(I can't agree with Matilda's assessment that its 'lovely', just to long and wordy for me) and getting my scooter out of the garage and running for a bit.  Took a while and the help of my oldest sister before it was running properly, then we ran to the store on it to keep up the effort.
My throat was still not happy yesterday, and I've got a bit of it still today from the saturday thing. Grr. At least its slowly going away.  My oldest sister had it too, so we hung out til around sacrament meeting and then went to church(still missed the sacrament, sigh) but did not stay for the linger longer.  Cold cereal on a sore throat plus they didn't seem to have any good stuff.
Also got some new pants and a new dress, but that ate up my spending for this check.  Just need to fill up my truck, and pay my parents back for gas the last two times-had to use the first attempt to buy stuff for dinner-not to mention tithing.  But it's been a good day I think.

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