Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I think he's going to be the next cat laid to rest, given how skeletal he's getting, his constant demands for attention, and the lack of eating even the soft stuff.  Plus he sounds awful compared to how he used to.  He's not that old, but he has had a hard go of it due to being stepped on as a kitten-hence the bipolar issue-and now we fear he's got worms and the same illness that killed Princess.  Granted, we don't know if she was sick, but she acted the same way.
Be sad, but if it's his time to go, we can't do much about it except try and make it painless.

Saw the movie Space Pirate Captain Harlock, which is Japanese in origin, but they made an english dubbed for it.  You can tell that by the way the character's mouth movements don't match what their saying. But it's kind of a grabbing movie, and not bad storyline either.

Still haven't quite finished Moby Dick, but I needed a break.

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