Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Want My Own Camera.

I keep seeing stuff I want to photograph but the only camera I have is the lousy one on my cell phone.  And I've already mentioned the fact that I can't use those for my class. Grr.  Really awesome clouds today too...

My mini group for english got broken up and split into the three other ones.  No one wanted to leave their group for ours, so we had to split up. But we did our magazine presentation first, and I think they had loads of fun with the finger painting bit.  Research paper on journals due week after next, and I have to upload something for workshop again.

Photo class was fun, though I only got four pictures printed  for this wednesday's workshop.  Printer had a clogged nozzle so I ran out of time.  At least I got to show the teacher all the photo's I took with my mom's dslr.  We also did a photoshop quiz-just to see what we knew, not for a grade-and finished off the last person from last wednesday's workshop.  They got mad at me for bringing it up.

My coworkers and I kind of had a steal the cleaning rag war for the last bit of work today.  One stole a second's rag first, then the second one stole my rag.  I kind of jokingly grabbed the rag I was using later when the second was checking an order that was ready with me.  But it was all in fun.

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