Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Stupid mouse keeps glitching so I click twice on most everything and when I try to get to blogger it takes me to google books! Sheesh.  Have to get a new mouse if this keeps up.
My teacher asked me to stop with the cell phone photos, think I mentioned it yesterday.  Yet today the only camera available to take photo's with when I needed it was my cell phone.  How do I work that?  Take better cell ones? or get my own? or even steal my mom's when I feel I need it? Not doing the last one there.  It's not my camera.
Math is giving me a headache.  Of course, so is trying to work with photography when I only have a 35mm black and white slr to work with besides my cell phone.  And I don't have the film for the camera.
This semester is a headache...

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