Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Well, saturday was spring declutter, then a 7 hour workday ending at 10:05.  Had fun getting to know the new night shift manager despite the long evening-the weather made for a steady line, and we had run out of a few desserts before the 8 pm half off thing started-and the cleaning went well. A few last minute customers made getting out on time tricky, but there wasn't much to do after that.
The two new cashiers were both working, so I got to work expo most of the night.  On the one hand I wanted more practice at that, but on the other I wish it hadn't been so busy for my first time on it for that long.  Thankfully I didn't have too many problems, and the manager and supervisor were helping when they could.
Yesterday I finally got to borrow the medium format camera I wanted to use for that assignment, but I still need the film.  My dad agreed to grab some for me on his way home from work today, so I just have to wait until then.
English was normal workshops, though I got my portfolio adviser during class-the teacher is the head of the creative writing department, so they offered since I didn't have one-and we turned in the journal project at the same time. I need to submit to the journal, as they asked us to, but the poems I'd planned are not yet typed up.
Today was kind of a cardio day, though my mom and I did that yesterday, with my sister and I walking up to the stake center so my nieces could hang out with kids their age.  It's a good 20-30 minute walk uphill one way, but going home was all downhill.  Very cold though.
Now that I think of it, saturday and a bit of friday were more February weather, as we had snow off and on all day.  It even stuck, but melted as soon as the clouds moved on.  But that's why work was so busy.  Plus sunday we had a high wind warning all night and into monday morning, so that kept the temperature down.  Started playing a 'cold shadow' game with my oldest niece on the way home to help her keep moving.

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