Friday, February 28, 2014

Now it's Back to Being Windy.

Not sure which I prefer.  the wind as usual was banging the stupid sign into my knees-and today nearly ripped it out of my hands.  Then of course I had to strap the tiara thing under my chin to prevent that from flying off.  Bit of a sprinkle too, but not enough to be a bother.  I think my tennis shoes are still wet...
Printed out my first draft at school, and they said it was a great summary of the book.  Need to elaborate on the theory I'm using too.  Got 100% on my first try for one of the two quizzes we took online in Japanese.  The other was supposed to be listening and then answering but the audio wouldn't kick in so I had to guess.  Still got two right.
Got my two journals for today, and then Japanese.  Quiz in Japanese monday too...

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Now its raining again.

Been raining pretty much all day.  Got the bottom of my pants very wet.  And my shoes.  First pair of socks too, go figure. Wound up asking my parents to bring me a new pair of both.  Donated blood today too.  Glad I didn't have to worry about a lot of effort at work.  they let me use an umbrella.
But my art project is in.  Have Japanese and an essay draft due tomorrow...

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Tried to wave the sign today without gloves for a good hour.  Downside is I now have at least two blisters on each hand.  not bad ones though, so they should go away real quick.
Barely got the homework for Japanese done because I woke up really tired again.  Got plenty of sleep too.  My dad walked our dogs down to the vet and back for shots-they were closed though, so they still need them-while I was at work.
Trying to get my art project done tonight.  Just need to find pictures and print them.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Not a Good Idea.

I didn't sleep well last night, and I couldn't get the dishes done this morning.  Got about half before running to school.  Class was normal.  We got out early as usual and so I got four pictures printed for my photography midterm.  Talked to my friend about her concert on sunday.  Then found out my teacher will count it for this extra credit stamp book thing she's been doing all semester.
Watched an artist who's visiting the school while they were laying out a work using sea salt.  Rather cool, but takes a lot of patience.  Got my lunch before linguistics.  Turns out that poor teacher not only has pneumonia, but H1N1 too.  As the nurse/doctor told them, they couldn't say how they were alive.  They made it to class today though.
On my way to work had my heart attack for the day.  Had a bit of stop and go traffic so I was keeping a bit more space between me and the car ahead when they stopped suddenly.  I stopped just fine behind them, and was leaning forward to grab something that had slid off the seat while stopping and felt a jolt mixed with a hard thud.  I nearly hit the steering wheel-not cool, but I missed-then twisted to see a small white car way too close to my truck bumper.
They put two gouges in their front bumper, and a paint scuff on my rear one.  And my stomach hasn't settled since...
Work was almost too warm despite the refreshing breeze from time to time. Figures.

Monday, February 24, 2014

And it's supposed to be February...

It's cloudy and a little chilly, but not cold or snow bound.  Work was normal, a little boring almost.  So not much to report.
School was a bit of a rush.  Had trouble finishing the japanese homework I'd procrastinated til this morning, and I was trying to clean my room at the same time.  But I got it in.  Did rather well on the last quiz.
Got home and we ran off to the local dollar theater to see Saving Mr. Banks.  I liked it, but my mom didn't.  I can see how though.
Went to a fast food place for a quick dinner.  And now I get to take a shower and try to get the dishes done before bed...

Saturday, February 22, 2014


For some reason I could not sleep last night.  Like I wasn't comfortable no matter how I positioned myself. sigh.
Got to class on time though.  printed off another picture, but I had to borrow paper from someone else because I forgot mine. Figures.  At least the truck started today without problems.  Might not next week, but we'll see.

Friday, February 21, 2014


My friend got me free tickets to her concert on sunday!  Don't know how I'm going to get them from her though.
Still cold but I didn't need a coat.  New hire was dancing when I got to work, but they came in after.  Truck's having starting issues yet again, so I barely had time to eat half of my lunch before running in to work.
Hope I did better on today's quiz in Japanese.  Not so hard to study despite being way tired-as usual-so I know I got at least 12 out of 20.  Really want to do better though..
Moving from Cry to One Hundred Years of Solitude.  So we started in Russia, went to Africa, and now we're in Spain or somewhere like that.
Got my journals and position paper done before class.  Some one beat me to the marquee again, so I had time.  Just need to turn them in.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Still cold today, with wind again.  But a nice person who I think was having a picnic outside the gas station where I stand decided I need some hot chocolate, so they bought me some.  They gave it to me with the warning that it was very hot and very full.  So I stuck it on the curb behind me to cool while I was working.  By then it had partially cooled off.
School was interesting, though I will admit that I spent part of my art class looking away from the video we were watching.  Some of the paintings were nude, and I'd rather not see that.  Didn't tell the teacher thought.  My friend has a concert on sunday with the university orchestra, and I'd like to go.  She just has to give me the info.
Linguistics was canceled again, thanks to my poor teacher getting pneumonia-yikes, that's all I can say. 
So I went home, walked the dogs, then went to work.
Now my grandmother came to visit, because she's in the area I guess.  She's 'interrogating' (joke) my younger brother right now about his job and school.
Called on the school district job but they are looking into an interview time.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

And This is Fun...How?

Monday was actually quite nice weather wise.  Mother nature threw me a curve, but I can deal.  Tuesday was good too.  My poor linguistics teacher had to cancel class again-they've definitely got something nasty.  Sounded awful just climbing up to the classroom.  Then a friend talked me into going paint balling despite a headache-my dad drove me over there though-and I wound up with at least four welts from it.  One on each hand and two on my left leg.  Inside on the muscle, one above my knee and one just below.  Another just above my right knee in front.  Both hands got on the back.
Today was not fun.  Windy all morning, and then a mix of snow and hail during the afternoon.  Not cool at work, for sure.  I was freezing, trying to keep hold of my hat thing and the sign-which I lost the former three different times.  We need the moisture, I just wish it hadn't been such a cold version of it.  Actually had a person laugh at the wild hairstyle the wind gave me.
Nearly forgot to finish my japanese homework, but got it done.  Rather tired for the past two days.  Nothing big due this week thankfully.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy (wet) Valentines Day!

Yep, it was raining again.  Not as much though, so I wasn't at risk of getting soaked.  Found a sign that reads: Honk if you (heart symbol) Liberty.  I thought it was funny and I saw a few people laughing.  Had a pair of junior high boys give me a plate with a heart shaped cookie and some candy while I was dancing.  Then had a person driving past throw a Reece's peanut butter cup at me while shouting something.
My dad borrowed my truck to pick up something, and they traded me for my mom's car, and then my dad's.  Still not cold though, so I'm good with the rain.  We need it for later.
Another quiz in Japanese, which I hope I did okay on.  Test wasn't very good, but I got over half credit. Sigh.  Turned in my first position paper for 3080.  Hope it's what she wanted.  I have just the journal for this week left to do.  Shouldn't take to long.
My parents went to a lover's feast type dinner so us kids-yeah, we're all adults, but we are their kids-are on our own for the rest of the evening.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oh great.

Looks like something is going around the teachers this time.  I know of three who are sick with some kind of throat and head cold-my Japanese teacher and my linguistic's teacher are two of them.  I've heard another teacher fear catching it too.
But I got my homework in.  My last test for this week is also done.  And of course it was raining a bit hard when I got to school so I arrived rather wet.
It cleared up a little before work, but then I got two showers by four.  Thankfully I wore my coat despite it not being that cold.  I would have been if I hadn't.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More rain.

But it's a kind of sprinkle rain that doesn't soak anything save the roads-and fast moving car windshields-so I wasn't cold at work again.  Funny that I was really cold at school but work I got my hands warm enough I almost didn't need gloves.  Still wore my coat though.  My neck is not happy today.
Turned in the extra credit for Japanese-some of my classmates were uncertain as to whether they should answer the ten questions in english or Japanese and they chose english.  I did Japanese to be safe.  Those who did english have to redo it in Japanese and turn it in on friday.
Got to page 190 in Cry, so I don't have to read anymore today.  Test in art 1040 tomorrow...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Well, made it right on time to art this morning-last two weeks I was late on tuesdays,grr-and we got out early as per usual.  The teacher kind of set it up that way so we can due study time for that or other classes.  I like this teacher.  Did my linguistics test-most of it, as we didn't cover all yet-between art and that class.  Actually didn't even need to look at my notes.  The only reason I did at all was for the short answer segment and then just for an idea on the last one.  Then I found out the class had been canceled.  Hope the teacher's not sick...
Work was a bit livelier than usual.  Had two people driving by try to talk to me.  One for directions to Walmart, the other I couldn't hear, sadly.  Then several groups from one to three people passing by.  At least half stopped to chat for a bit.  Cloudy but not too cold.
Went to see the Lego Movie after work.  I found it rather funny, as did my sister and brother who went too.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Yeah, not really.  Some passerby on the sidewalk told me I'd be courting the flu if I stayed out there much longer while waving the sign.  Given it wasn't nearly as cold as last week-I didn't even need my coat despite the wind-, I  didn't agree but chose not to make an issue of it.
Test today in Japanese, which I think I remembered more than I thought despite my lack of studying over the weekend-thank you lord-and having to rush through the homework.  The other classes were normal.
Was raining a bit this morning.  My parents took a sick day-dad was not feeling good and mom wanted to care for him-so they were watching the Olympics.
My mom told me she couldn't tell that I'd cut my hair-took off six inches instead of the two the stylist thought would get rid of the splits-and didn't comment on my eyebrows.
The dance was fun until I backed into a wall after removing my heels and kicked the corner of a extra wall bit with my left heel.  Twisted it rather painfully it the process. Sigh...

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Kind of a cold rain too.  My photography teacher took us out to a historic road for a landscape exercise and we wound up kind of sneaking into shops for pictures.  I got rather wet despite my coat.  Got a few fun shots though.
Dance tonight, and I'm waiting for my sister to go get a hair cut-she wants a style-and maybe an eyebrow wax.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Windy but not Cold..

Yep, it warmed up some today.  I wasn't freezing despite the constant wind.  No, I spent more time keeping an eye on the headdress-the wind kept trying to steal it.  Then it either tried to steal the sign or whack my legs all over with it.  Not sure if it was better than being cold.
Kanji quiz was a bit better than I'd thought, but still not very good.  Test on monday should be interesting.  We did a long review today.
Cry, The Beloved Country, I'm sad to say, is far more interesting than Crime and Punishment.  No offense to the Russians, I guess I just relate better to the story of Cry then Crime.  They are doing a great opening ceremony though.
My shoulders are so stiff right now...

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Today the cold made me feel like I was swallowing ice instead of breathing air.  It then settled into my lungs as a slushy mass-or at least that's what it felt like. My supervisor loaned me a pair of very nice gloves at work, so my hands were not near as cold.  My face was another story.  Still feel cold at the moment though.
Have a test coming up in intro to visual studies next week, along with the Japanese one.  Have my homework to do.  Made a new friend while eating lunch.  That's getting a bit common with me at school.
My brother's car is finally in the shop for the clutch, so he won't be calling for rides anymore(I hope).

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Stupid headache's been building all day, which did not help yet another cold day at work.  Have my first test in linguistics tomorrow.  Might have something to do with the headache.
Gave my Japanese teacher some of the dumplings my sister made for dinner yesterday.  They wanted to warm them up before eating them, so I don't know if they like them or not.  Did not do very well on the kanji quiz today.  We have our test monday too, I think.
At least I was able to wear my coat again.  Then some idiot in a car driving by said: hey fat lady liberty.  All I could think was: dude, it's a coat for one thing, and I'd rather look fat than freeze trying to look thin.  My dad said that's why I'll never be a model.  Like I wanted to be one anyway.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Oh No, This is Much Worse

If you can't name that movie I shall be disappointed.  But at work to day it not only snowed, it nearly hit blizzard like conditions.  I found a penny face up (ever hear the old saying: find a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck?  A friend told me it only works if the penny is heads up on the ground) at school.  the only luck I noticed was that my supervisor not only let me wear my coat under my costume, but actually recommended it.  Still really cold though...
More discussion stuff in both my classes today.  I forgot to do the reading for intro to visual studies, but I was able to do it during class as we divided into groups to go over it.  Then I got most of my Japanese homework done between that and Intro to Linguistics.  We're supposed to have a test in the latter on thursday.
Got the rest done after work today.  My sister and I wanted to see I, Frankenstein this evening but doesn't look like we'll get to.  Oh well.

Monday, February 3, 2014


That wind was soooo not cool.  Freezing yes, cool no. My dad just made me change it from cold to freezing.  he's making fun of my choice of words.  Either way, work was not fun.  I spent nearly fifteen minutes thawing each time.
We've got a winter weather advisory in effect for tonight, something about 5 inches to a foot overnight.  Work will definitely be interesting tomorrow...
Didn't do as well on that quiz in Japanese as I'd hoped. Sigh.  Kanji test is wednesday, with more homework too-is the teacher ever going to give us a break with that?-due the same time.
Group of students had a petition to open up voting-in a way get rid of the electoral college type thing-for the state.  Might be interesting to see how far it goes.
Noticed today that I'm getting a lot better at parallel parking.  Got the truck into a space I normally couldn't have.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Slippery Snow...

Grr.  Slipped this morning-three times, fell once but none were fun for me at all-and broke my university water bottle.  It's still mainly intact but the top part just below the lid is held on only by less than an inch of plastic.  Figures.  Snowed enough to cover things but melted again after wards.  More clouds coming in though.
Then I went and knocked the stupid thing over in class, and spilled the water left in it over the desk and the floor.  Nothing got damaged, but I did have to dry out a keyboard.  And two mouse pads.  No harm to any of them though.
Class went well.  We finally turned in an assignment in photography.  Supposed to do portraits for next week, so I kept the camera handy while at my sister's.  Got a few good shots of both nieces.
My brother rode up to school with me again but chose to ride the bus home.  And somehow took the wrong one and ended up at the mall.  Ate lunch there too.
Have to get my Japanese homework done.  Can't get my job done til monday. Oh well...