Saturday, February 1, 2014

Slippery Snow...

Grr.  Slipped this morning-three times, fell once but none were fun for me at all-and broke my university water bottle.  It's still mainly intact but the top part just below the lid is held on only by less than an inch of plastic.  Figures.  Snowed enough to cover things but melted again after wards.  More clouds coming in though.
Then I went and knocked the stupid thing over in class, and spilled the water left in it over the desk and the floor.  Nothing got damaged, but I did have to dry out a keyboard.  And two mouse pads.  No harm to any of them though.
Class went well.  We finally turned in an assignment in photography.  Supposed to do portraits for next week, so I kept the camera handy while at my sister's.  Got a few good shots of both nieces.
My brother rode up to school with me again but chose to ride the bus home.  And somehow took the wrong one and ended up at the mall.  Ate lunch there too.
Have to get my Japanese homework done.  Can't get my job done til monday. Oh well...

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