Friday, January 31, 2014

Say What?

They wanted me to work tomorrow despite my class.  I told them it wouldn't be worth it because of how late my class goes.  It's like they expect me to come in anyway.
Was foggy this morning when I left for committee meeting, though it was clear on the highway and at school.  Cloudy all day, but we didn't get more snow.  Windy and cold again, but I manged to stay outside til after 5:30.  Not much fun.  More clouds were moving in as the sun went down, so we might get some tonight.
Turned in my Japanese and took two quizzes today.  One was prepared for in Japanese, the other was a pop quiz in World Lit.  I think I got two out of three on that one...
Have three journals to write for Critical approaches to lit.  More Japanese homework-big surprise, when hasn't the teacher given us homework?-and an upcoming test or quiz in linguistics.  Getting to be that time anyway...

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