Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snow again...

Wasn't so bad getting to school despite a inch or so of it already covering stuff.  Turned in my homework fine, though I realized I'd forgotten my wallet after shoveling the driveway this morning.  Asked my brother to bring it up with him as he was coming up sometime, only he never made it to school.  The clutch went out on his car on a long hill five minutes away and he couldn't go any further.
I wound up towing him home behind my truck-a police man kindly stopped behind us with his lights going so people would slow down and give us room to attach the two vehicles-and having a Lost World moment-the scene where the guy with the jeep is trying to pull the trailer back up off the ledge and sliding back and forth-getting in the driveway.  We then had to shovel it to get them back in a out of the way spot as it was too slick otherwise.
Stopped snowing though, which means that unlike when I shoveled this morning it melted the rest off instead of getting covered again.
Supposed to snow worse tomorrow...

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