Friday, January 17, 2014

Not so Cold...

At work, that is.  At school I was changing the institute marquee this morning and it was very cold.  I was very grateful for the man who helped me get it done. We had a little to take down-I dropped a letter and it broke on the cement in the fall, but they told me to just throw it away-but a lot of stuff to put up.  I'm still sore from work, but the soreness is less.  Plus I'm recovering a bit faster.
My feet don't hurt as much, but they still don't like hard floors at the moment.
School was otherwise slow.  Had time to read more of Crime and Punishment before Japanese class, and then met up with a friend from 3080 and intro to linguistics while I was eating my lunch.  They were with a group who had what seemed like several conversations-I was tired and having a bit of trouble following the conversation-during the half hour I sat there.

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