Saturday, January 4, 2014

And a Migraine.

Of course I wake up with a headache still, and as we head to my sister's for my second youngest brother's 20th birthday breakfast-she couldn't come to dinner tonight, so she offered to do a breakfast for him-it blossoms(is that the right term?)into a full migraine.    Thankfully I've found that drinking water lowers the pain level, but I still couldn't play with my niece the way I'd hoped.  And she wanted me to play tickle monster with her too...
As soon as my sister found out she went into mother mode and gave me some specific migraine medication.  It has Acetaminophen, Asprin, and caffeine in some form-that usually doesn't help me with a headache, either makes me dizzy or makes it worse-and while it took a good half hour to kick in, it did help.  Finally went away around 5p.m.
Did not help with my needing to do laundry today.  All my shirts were dirty.  Found a darker red skirt and a black one that are full length on sale at a mall near my sister's house.  That should cover things for a while.
We took my brother to Golden Corral for dinner-tradition that once you hit 18 you get a dinner instead of presents, but the siblings can only come if we pay for ourselves-figures he'd want a buffet instead of a fancy restaurant.  But we had fun.
Snowed last night, but it's cold enough that it was all powder my dad could blow off the driveway with a leaf blower.  Made getting out this morning a bit simpler I think.
My mom and I did a kind of sit up challenge yesterday and today.  250 varying sit ups yesterday, and 100 also varying situps today before dinner.  We did it with weights to add to the effectiveness.  My abs are sore...

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