Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Now THAT'S Cold!

Rather windy today at work.  At first it was enough to try and steal the 'hat' I'm supposed to wear, but as the sun went down I was fighting to keep my hands warm enough to hold the sign up.  Didn't help that the sun went behind the clouds a good fifteen minutes before it actually set so that made it even colder.  Barely made it to 5:20 before having to quit and go warm up.  My manager/supervisor joked about my needing to 'thaw out'.  Then they saw my hands and realized that's a pretty good description of what they needed.
Still didn't have hot water this morning, so my dad very nicely heated up water so my mom and I could bathe before going to work(for her) and school(for me).  I believe he got it working after that though.  He's still worried about a gas leak.  He found a dead mouse on the old dryer vent last night while checking something.  And we have cats why?
Still need my paper for that class tomorrow, and have a quiz in japanese again.  On top of our homework...

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