Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cold, For Sure.

Snowed again today, but like yesterday stopped by the time I got to work.  Didn't clear out the clouds, so I was running inside every 55 minutes trying to regain the feeling in my hands and face.  My boss didn't seem to mind, though I was little miffed that when I asked about what to do if it started snowing they said to just make sure to spread ice melt so it wouldn't get slick.  They care about me falling and hurting myself more than if I catch hypothermia from getting soaked?
Turned in my ad for art, and I got a laugh from the teacher for it.  Hope that's a good sign.  My best friend's ad made me laugh, and she was a bit startled by that.  I guess being tired-woke up very tired this morning-made it seem funnier to me.  Got over half my Japanese homework done before linguistics class started, but didn't finish because I couldn't concentrate. Have the two online quizzes and four problems left.  Was going to go to a basketball game at the university but I'm not feeling well-thanks to the cold and being tired-and I've got plenty of homework to fill the time with.  Sigh...
Truck's making a kind of squeal when I get it up around 30 mph...

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