Monday, January 27, 2014


It was at work, right before the sun went down-of course-so i freezing the last few minutes of standing around waving a sign.  A friend from school just asked me to join Linkedin or whatever it's called so they can add me to their pro profile(no, that is not a typo, I did it on purpose) or something.  So I did. Not sure what it's for, but I doubt it'll hurt.
Amazon is doing a cool contest next month for writers that i really would like to try, but I'd either have to totally revamp and finish one of the two stories I did for Nanowrimo or restart a old one I never got down on paper.  Then I have the usual school work and work work.  But the grand prize is $50,000 with three smaller prizes of $15,000.  would be cool, so I'll try for it when I can squeeze it in.
Lover's Feast thing is coming up, and it's cheaper to buy two tickets this time. Figures.  I think everyone's doing that these days.
Went to the ice skating thing on saturday and wound up helping a woman who took a bad spill-the fall wasn't so bad, but her phone made it worse, as it didn't break but dug rather badly into her thigh-and had to be carried off the ice.  She was okay, and even tried teaching me some basic dance moves while we were talking.  I bet she got a really colorful bruise from it.
Well, I have a picture redo for art 1040 thursday, two 'papers' for english 3080, the usual amount of Japanese, and reading for everything else-you'd think there'd be more writing in those classes...

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