Wednesday, May 29, 2013


English is not going well.  My professor says I need to put more effort into it, but I barely have time to get the reading done.  And most of the topics don't make sense until we go over them in class...
Rained most of yesterday, so I was indoors most of the time while at work.  Supposed to be running around with a weedwacker today unless it's too wet.
Still trying to catch up in my two online classes...

Monday, May 27, 2013

Death and Taxes

Argh.  I got a huge bonus with my last paycheck and what does the IRS do? they take over $300 of it! Sigh.  At least I'll be able to help my parents with some financial issues they have right now.
Helped plant the rest of our garden today-got sunburned too, as I was an idiot and forgot any kind of protection.  So did my siblings.  My dad and mom got skipped I think.
Going to a barbecue after this, and then a movie.  So the last of my three day weekend will be fun.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Well, more attacking bushes this week.  But not rose bushes this time.  Just flowering ones.  Had to weed underneath some rather nasty ones wensday.  Had to move four yesterday-these didn't have thorns, but they did't need them either.  Having difficulties with a sprikler valve.  It leaks constantly and now I fear it has rusted beyond use.  We found a fountain where a sprinkler was supposed to be yesterday too.  The threads for the sprinkler had worn so smooth that turning the water on shot the sprinkler clean off.
Finally got swimming goggles, so I'm getting better at swimming properly.  No class tuesday though, as our teacher had something come up.  I like my english teacher, even though she has to give us a lot of reading in order to cover all the material by the end of class.  She set up tests instead of large papers, and let us take them at home.  We can use our books for one part of these tests, but not the other two.  Still went better than I thought, as I just took it.  Hope I did well...

Monday, May 20, 2013


Trying to get back into doing homework on time... Rather hard this semester for some reason...
Rained all weekend, raining today too.  But it's supposed to be off and on, not all the time.  Finally got some leftovers for lunch!  And some of my mom's homemade bread (yes!!!).  Trying to keep up is a lot easier than trying to catch up though.
Parking is always better in the summer!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dyer's Wool

I think that's what it's called.  It's a tall thick weed that sprouts yellow flowers and spreads seeds like rain.  It's been spreading around campus and we spent at least three days this week pulling it out of heat hardened ground.  The soil is clay so when dry it's very hard to pull weeds out of.
There's an irrigation pool where these have covered the hills on either side of it.  I slipped and slid down the most western hill while pulling yesterday.  No real injury there, but it hurt at the time.
Rain came back too.  My mom wanted to take my sister and I to a renassaunce festival yesterday but the rain kind of shut it down before we got there.  Still raining today too.  At least I got to see my neice though.
My poor brothers and my dad went to a fathers and sons campout and came back early this morning rather wet.  Appearently the rain stayed constant enough that the tent soaked through and got the sleeping bags-as well as the sleepers.  They're still trying to dry stuff out as it's been raining all morning.
Watched Battleship with my mom and sister last night.  Once you get past the first 20 minutes or so the movie gets better, but before that it's rather painful.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


So far the reading for English class gives me a headache.  Why do literary writers feel the need to talk in circles?  Trying to keep up homework is just adding to that.  Spoke to an adviser about why a c- doesn't count for math but don't have a concrete reason for it.
Getting hot at work now.  Have to drink a lot more water.  As in nearly three times as much, and that's just to stay hydrated.  Kneeling on concrete to pull weeds is rather uncomfortable too, as the concrete gets really hot really fast.
At least I have swimming class.  Probably the best way to cool off this summer.  Still gives me a workout though.  I need goggles!

Monday, May 13, 2013


Here's the start of a new week.  Had a spider sitting on the pew in front of me during sacrament meeting yesterday.  I kind of joked that it wanted to hear the speakers too.  But as it was a large black and hairy spider it wasn't funny at the time.  Tried to turn in some of my homework today, but I'm still missing a textbook I need to do it.
They are selling last year's piano's in the union building at this time.  If the cheapest weren't over 3,000 I 'd consider getting one...

Saturday, May 11, 2013


this summer looks like monday wensday and friday are the 'wet days', where I get to run the sprinkler system.  It wouldn't be so bad if certain valve boxes and sprinklers would stop leaking-that's where most of the wet part comes in.  There are only two spots where just turning the sprinkler on gets you even slightly wet.
One valve box still has a leak that fills it to the brim and you soak your arm trying to reach the switch.
I whacked my right shin with a metal (heavy duty type) rake yesterday, then a metal clipboard/box fell off the dash and the corner got my right knee.  Plus my brother stepped on my foot after I got home...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Yesterday I got wet again, but not from sprinklers.  No, it just decided to rain while we were replacing a old sprinkler pipe.  The lightning was rather spectacular.  Might be the same for today, but there's not a high chance of that.
Had to buy lunch as my siblings took all the leftovers...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Of the killer rose bush thorns.  At least this time I wasn't pruning them.  Just pulling weeds around them.  Still got scratches all over my right arm though...
Signing up for swimming at 9 am wasn't the best idea.  I'm going to be doing running to class again...

Monday, May 6, 2013


Start of a new semester today, but I don't have any classes until 10:30.  Didn't sleep very well last night.  Kinda yelled at my math teacher through email, but it seems they didn't notice.
Had to reregister for my summer institute classes, and I don't know why.  Very windy over the weekend, so there may be a mess at work.
Got to see Iron Man 3 over the weekend, and Warm bodies.  I read a review of Warm Bodies that said it was like a apocalyptic Romio and Juliet.  Given that both sides are trying to kill each other, the two 'lovers' are R and Julie, plus there is a little 'balcony scene'.  but it's kinda cute that way.
Ah well, here comes the homework again...

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Well, so much for getting my associates.  I passed math, but without the required grade for graduation-figure that out.  I got credit for it, but it doesn't count for graduation.  And my math teacher doesn't want to work with me on it.
Plus I still got wet at work thursday and yesterday.  Thursday I had to stick my hand it a flooded sprickler control valve box-it covered up to my biceps before I touched the valve.  Then yesterday I had to cover a broken sprinkler that was quite the fountain-went nearly seven feet up.
Plus I had to drive the dump truck with a 500 gallon (nearly full) water tank on the back.  You have to drive really careful or it slides all over.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Week.  On monday it was sprinklers, tuesday it was watering flowers, and yesterday it was both.  Plus my supervisor was teasing that they shouldn't be the only one getting wet while they fixed the sprinklers-some are still plugged.  We found one yesterday that had been completely turned around so it sprayed the sidewalk instead of the flower bed.
Supposedly it snowed yesterday morning, but it melted before I saw it.
The website for my school is not liking me this week.  And my dad updated the antivirus on my computer so that added to the issues-not that I blame him, the site always dislikes antivirus stuff anyway.  I'd rather have it working than not.
I passed my math class but the tracker for my degree doesn't list it.  I may have to talk to the poeple in charge of it about that.  I'm not taking that class again.  I've already taken it twice.
So much for finishing well though.  My dad's challenge made it so I passed the important classes, but I didn't get a single A.  Nope, just two B's, two C's, and a D-which still counts, but not as much.  Math was one of the C's.  And that definately counts.
Changed my major to creative writing.  This is going to be interesting for the next year.  My new goal is to graduate by next spring, but that's going to be a lot of english classes.