Thursday, May 2, 2013


Week.  On monday it was sprinklers, tuesday it was watering flowers, and yesterday it was both.  Plus my supervisor was teasing that they shouldn't be the only one getting wet while they fixed the sprinklers-some are still plugged.  We found one yesterday that had been completely turned around so it sprayed the sidewalk instead of the flower bed.
Supposedly it snowed yesterday morning, but it melted before I saw it.
The website for my school is not liking me this week.  And my dad updated the antivirus on my computer so that added to the issues-not that I blame him, the site always dislikes antivirus stuff anyway.  I'd rather have it working than not.
I passed my math class but the tracker for my degree doesn't list it.  I may have to talk to the poeple in charge of it about that.  I'm not taking that class again.  I've already taken it twice.
So much for finishing well though.  My dad's challenge made it so I passed the important classes, but I didn't get a single A.  Nope, just two B's, two C's, and a D-which still counts, but not as much.  Math was one of the C's.  And that definately counts.
Changed my major to creative writing.  This is going to be interesting for the next year.  My new goal is to graduate by next spring, but that's going to be a lot of english classes.

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