Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I guess institute graduation is not as important as college graduation, as no one showed up sunday until 9.  Granted they were a large group, and one that I'm good friends with, but I felt bad given that my mom had sent invites out a week earlier, it was a open house deal, and she'd made a special cake for it.  My sister forgot, along with my cousin.  I don't think anyone else even noticed the invite.
But it was fun to talk with the 'quality' group that came.  And the cake did get eaten.
Kinda showed a bad example to a coworker yesterday, so I've got to fix that today.  Wanted to smack myself yesterday.
My oldest younger brother had his birthday party celebrated yesterday too-his actual birthday was saturday.  He likes the same kind of cake that I do: lemon cake with chocolate frosting.  We watched Red with him as he hasn't seen it.
Got to help spring clean sprinklers yesterday, and mark the ones that are still plugged despite cleaning.  Also learned how to manually turn them on and off without getting too wet.  One of the control boxes got flooded though, and we're not sure why...

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