Friday, April 19, 2013


Okay, getting a little tired of the cold weather thing here.  Wouldn't be so bad if the wind didn't have teeth.  There are clouds today, but not enough for any kind of precipitation.  Slowly warming up for spring.  A friend said that the weather acts like a battle between winter and summer without a glimpse of spring.  Eventually summer wins and things start heating up fast, but its kind of random until that point.
Another for the not cool but funny later list: rolling you ankle while raking leaves out of an island flower bed in a parking lot.  Thankfully no big injury, but you tend to limp for a while after that.  And the funny part was you fell down to your knees before collapsing on your back.  The slow fall deterred injuries in that department (I hope).
Tasted a lot of dirt this week.  We had to rip out some bushes along a road and plan to put them somewhere else, but for now they are partially replanted in one of those parking lot island flowers beds I mentioned.  We had to blow the dirt back off the pavement and the wind was not helping. Sigh...

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