Thursday, April 25, 2013


Finals are over!  I sold back my textbooks today because they clutter up my room, and I got over a hundred dollars for them.  I guess the day before graduation wouldn't be that crowded around campus...
We're probably going to be rushing through the last landscape prep today, as we still have flowers to plant I think.  But that's not too hard to do.
Got a treat for turning in my institute parking pass.  Given they don't cost anything, I don't get more than that.  Ran into a fellow student who has a final today and a formal presentation.  How'd you like to do that on the last day of school for the semester?
I'm really looking forward to a break.  Took tomorrow off for graduation-hopefully they won't have much to do as all the rush should be today.  At least we shouldn't get bored.

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