Saturday, April 13, 2013

Little Miracles

Thank heavens for those.  The supervisor who saw me whack my head took it easy on me yesterday so I didn't have further trouble doing my job.  Granted, it was still a long day.  We cleaned out the drains at the base of the bleachers on the east side.  The problem with those is the sand that runs out from under them, and gathers in the drains.  Forms a very effective barrier.  Then leaves and such get stuck under there (we found an old water bottle in there!).  Took us over three hours to get it clear enough for the water to flow, but it's still got stuff in there.
Then we got to run around the track with a hose to clean off the gunk that landed there while cleaning.  Nobody wanted to get wet, though it was a very nice day.
Have two assignments for today.  The first is creating a game flyer for my computer class (that's not too hard) then redo my report so I can actually get credit for it.
That and try not to go insane, which my mom thinks I will if I take summer classes with my current job.

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