Tuesday, April 9, 2013


My supervisor told us in a meeting last week that texting, cell phones, and ipods are becoming the new smoking.  You see people walk out of class or work and pull out their phones.  I've seen coworkers stop work and spend several minutes texting before getting back to work.
It's kinda sad that these modern conveniences are turning into something much darker because people begin to abuse them.  Given my work hours and my personal decision not to text or listen to my ipod at work I can't do that.  Plus I don't want those new smart phones with the touch screens.  Touch screens of any kind don't like mew very much anyway.
We had a nasty wind storm last night and into this morning.  Snowed too, and got rather cold in the process.  Ironically, the snow stuck only in the areas where my job would be working: i.e. the grass and flowerbeds. Sigh.
On a brighter note, my personal trainer/cousin told me that I need to eat more.  Shocker, given how most of the time they want you to eat less, but in my case I'm maintaining, not trying to lose weight or anything.

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