Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Brain Dead during Finals...

St least it feels that way.  Kept forgetting things and having to run back to get them.  Then yesterday I spent a half hour doing the wrong math problems and having to start over.  I didn't get it all done before today as a result. Argh.  Still turned it in, but I hate doing that.
I have one more to go, and I'm taking that today-unless the testing centers are so crowded I won't have time before work.  That would really stink...
Got my last art project in late last night-which only adds to the brain dead feeling.  But this last test is all I have to do for this semester now, and then I get at least a week's break.  And summer is always a lighter load. 
Still cold, despite the sun shinning brightly for the past few days.  The wind still has teeth too.  We planted flowers and dug tree rings yesterday.  Our department wants to have a extra arbor day this after noon, so we prepped the area yesterday-the holes still need to be dug deeper, but we got an outline ready.

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