Tuesday, April 2, 2013


When you tell your coworkers that you don't like swearing that can have different effects.  In my case they tried to censor themselves by changing the word or just not using it.  If you've watched Bill Cosby:Himself he states that trying that makes you sound like an idiot.  Given that they are making this effort for my sake, I can't find any of that.  I'm just grateful they  are willing to try.
Had a few accidents over the past week though.  First with a coworker holding open a bag and getting hit rather hard.  Then my dad was trying to hit moths and got my brother in a painful area.  Then yesterday a coworker got their fingers smashed while moving heavy picnic tables to be disassembled and refinished.  They got to go home early to ice said fingers.
I also got attacked by the lawnmowers on friday.  Bruised my arm and scratched my thumb trying to start one (this was a second use as the first went just fine) then scratched the back of my hand while trying to put the mower away.
It rained most of yesterday so we cleaned paint machines after cleaning out all the drains-so they wouldn't flood the road when clogged.

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