Saturday, April 20, 2013

More Rain

Yep, we were working in a drizzle yesterday.  Got to mix paint (in five gallon buckets-the stuff separated then froze during the winter so we're trying to salvage it) sponge water off the softball field (there was a series of games and the ground got rather sloppy-we use a piece of equipment called dolphins to get the rain water, and special rakes to smooth the ground) weed-when the rain took a break for a few hours, then clear out a borrowed truck-they use it during the winter before cleaning and returning it to the summer users.
Still kind of a drizzle today, but it started hailing first-my poor parents were out walking our dogs when the hail started, so I ran over with a truck to pick them up.
Only three more days left of this semester!  Then I get my associates, and at least a week off from school-summer starts sometime in May.  But I only have three finals-computer science was a final presentation, not a test, and art doesn't do tests like that.  I just have one last assignment.

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