Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Finally got graduation back on track.  Had to email 2 different people about it but now I'm all set to graduate once I pass everything.  And the nerves just kicked back in....
Had to take that test for the public speaking class and while I didn't totally bomb, I certainly didn't do as well as I'd hoped.  Oh well.  First speech is coming up so I can't dwell on it too much.  Here's hoping the test's don't count for as much as the speeches.
Finally got graded on our workbooks for EMR and then we got to practice the assessments for the first time-for my classmates anyway, I was more of a coach and trying to see what they may have changed on it.  My partner was rather glad that I was able to help them get through it for the first time.
Got to see the premier of Studio C last night! Granted I wound up dropping my mom off, then running back to grab my sister before going myself.  It was fun.  We had Stacy and Natalie at ours. But they sat right in front of us.
Trying to print my current art project and the printer keeps failing to finish.  Got about half of it printed, but I wanted to get it bound before work today. Sigh....

Monday, September 26, 2016

I Need to Stop Doing That...

Got new tires on my truck and I can tell the difference.  Now if I can bleed the clutch-which should solve the rattle during idling problem-my truck should be just fine. I hope. But I need to stop waiting until the stuff is worn out or broken before fixing it-novel concept, finding stuff before it breaks-so that my truck lasts longer.  Though it is almost 20 years old so I can't hope for too much.
Got a 90% on my math quiz but no word on my test. Sigh.  Hoping for more good news like the quiz though I may have to wait until tomorrow.  Teacher probably wants to hand them back during class and then go over stuff.
Second art project is back underway, meaning I have the photo's printed out.  Just need to find a place that will spiral bind the final product.  Teacher saw them and really liked the idea behind them. Plus there's the wording to go along with each shot.  Still working out the title...
First public speaking test due this week and I don't have the book to study with.  Have to take it on campus too. Guess I'll have to hope it's common sense stuff or something I'm familiar with otherwise I'm toast.
My boss called about another store needing help this morning, right as I was getting ready for class. They of course had no illusions about me skipping-given that we went over the next project I'm glad-to help them out, but I still felt bad.
One of my watermelons exploded, so I picked it and it's now adding to the mulch. Rain will do that to them, I'm told.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Always Waiting....

So it seems anyway.  Right now I'm waiting to meet with my art teacher about my second project for the class.  Have a bit of a rough draft ready, but still plenty I can ask them about.  Ran into my cousin on the way up the road-walking to the bus stop, as I let my sister use my truck to get to work-so they gave me a ride to school.  Meant I got here way early and had time to go bug the english department-again-about my graduation requirements.  Because now my portfolio and public reading are missing. I did that stuff spring 2015! Sigh....
Math's still going well, so far I have an 85% average.  First test and 3rd quiz tomorrow will make things interesting.  And I've got to get the homework for all that done when I get home.  Get dinner going first as it's a crock pot thing and should leave me most of the after noon for homework.
Talked to the night shift manager about learning to make sandwiches and such when my fellow cashier is done with their training and they said they'd be happy to arrange that.  Pretty sure my coworker is just about done so it shouldn't be too long.
So that's week 4 in the middle.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 3 and 9/11

Strange to think that even after 15 years I can remember that morning so well.  It felt so confusing but at the same time everyone seemed to get a little closer emotionally.  Plus to think of how many lives were lost and yet how many came together over that tragedy.  We tried to give cookies to firefighters but so far haven't made it.
So week three generally means the first art project is assigned or turned in-for this semester we turned it in yesterday(and I was getting the final touches done right before leaving for class-hate doing that!)-usually quizes and homework for other classes.  English types may have turned in a very short assignment or assigned a bigger one.  For math we had our first quiz last week.
For the garden we got over half a dozen-didn't get a good count-of the butternut squash harvested.  Also got 3 cantelope and 2 zucchini. And the usual handful of tomatoes, mostly the cherry type.  Corn's getting iffy, but the watermelon's gotten huge. Tried to move one yesterday that's been threatening to squash a tomato plant. Kale needs another harvest, otherwise the deer might go after it again. Hope it's not too cold for them yet, but I could see my breath on the way to class this morning. Sigh.....

Friday, September 9, 2016

End of the Second Week

Parking is much better now(of course).  Traffic can get hairy if I leave around 8 a.m.(not doing that again). Textbooks have been taken care of, which leaves more time for homework and such. Block party(start of the new semester thing that happens the first friday of the semester)makes getting around to classes interesting, but thankfully I don't have classes on friday.
I wonder when the EMS started making it so that anyone who calls 911 with their cell phone has any calls and texts blocked for five minutes after hanging up.  Drove past a rather scary grass fire on the highway after school yesterday and wanted to make sure they knew.  Guess they'd already heard because the person who answered asked right up front if it was about the fire.  Then they hung up. Seems they were either busy or tired of getting calls about that.
First math quiz is done, Got an 80% but had to spend nearly an hour getting the school homework site to upload the pictures(we do it on paper, take a picture, and send the teacher that)for the quiz.  Had to try several things to get it to finally work. Grr.
My EMR class is getting a touch boring thanks to my EMT-Basic training.  Feels like a review.  Walked into DCAP-BTLS and SAMPLE yesterday and didn't bother writing down the meaning.  Just reviewed in my head and the teacher noticed and grinned at me.  They also mentioned that it must feel like a review to me.  Some of the stuff is going to be new, as it has been a few years.  But most is old.