Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 3 and 9/11

Strange to think that even after 15 years I can remember that morning so well.  It felt so confusing but at the same time everyone seemed to get a little closer emotionally.  Plus to think of how many lives were lost and yet how many came together over that tragedy.  We tried to give cookies to firefighters but so far haven't made it.
So week three generally means the first art project is assigned or turned in-for this semester we turned it in yesterday(and I was getting the final touches done right before leaving for class-hate doing that!)-usually quizes and homework for other classes.  English types may have turned in a very short assignment or assigned a bigger one.  For math we had our first quiz last week.
For the garden we got over half a dozen-didn't get a good count-of the butternut squash harvested.  Also got 3 cantelope and 2 zucchini. And the usual handful of tomatoes, mostly the cherry type.  Corn's getting iffy, but the watermelon's gotten huge. Tried to move one yesterday that's been threatening to squash a tomato plant. Kale needs another harvest, otherwise the deer might go after it again. Hope it's not too cold for them yet, but I could see my breath on the way to class this morning. Sigh.....

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