Friday, September 9, 2016

End of the Second Week

Parking is much better now(of course).  Traffic can get hairy if I leave around 8 a.m.(not doing that again). Textbooks have been taken care of, which leaves more time for homework and such. Block party(start of the new semester thing that happens the first friday of the semester)makes getting around to classes interesting, but thankfully I don't have classes on friday.
I wonder when the EMS started making it so that anyone who calls 911 with their cell phone has any calls and texts blocked for five minutes after hanging up.  Drove past a rather scary grass fire on the highway after school yesterday and wanted to make sure they knew.  Guess they'd already heard because the person who answered asked right up front if it was about the fire.  Then they hung up. Seems they were either busy or tired of getting calls about that.
First math quiz is done, Got an 80% but had to spend nearly an hour getting the school homework site to upload the pictures(we do it on paper, take a picture, and send the teacher that)for the quiz.  Had to try several things to get it to finally work. Grr.
My EMR class is getting a touch boring thanks to my EMT-Basic training.  Feels like a review.  Walked into DCAP-BTLS and SAMPLE yesterday and didn't bother writing down the meaning.  Just reviewed in my head and the teacher noticed and grinned at me.  They also mentioned that it must feel like a review to me.  Some of the stuff is going to be new, as it has been a few years.  But most is old.

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