Monday, September 26, 2016

I Need to Stop Doing That...

Got new tires on my truck and I can tell the difference.  Now if I can bleed the clutch-which should solve the rattle during idling problem-my truck should be just fine. I hope. But I need to stop waiting until the stuff is worn out or broken before fixing it-novel concept, finding stuff before it breaks-so that my truck lasts longer.  Though it is almost 20 years old so I can't hope for too much.
Got a 90% on my math quiz but no word on my test. Sigh.  Hoping for more good news like the quiz though I may have to wait until tomorrow.  Teacher probably wants to hand them back during class and then go over stuff.
Second art project is back underway, meaning I have the photo's printed out.  Just need to find a place that will spiral bind the final product.  Teacher saw them and really liked the idea behind them. Plus there's the wording to go along with each shot.  Still working out the title...
First public speaking test due this week and I don't have the book to study with.  Have to take it on campus too. Guess I'll have to hope it's common sense stuff or something I'm familiar with otherwise I'm toast.
My boss called about another store needing help this morning, right as I was getting ready for class. They of course had no illusions about me skipping-given that we went over the next project I'm glad-to help them out, but I still felt bad.
One of my watermelons exploded, so I picked it and it's now adding to the mulch. Rain will do that to them, I'm told.

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