Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Finally got graduation back on track.  Had to email 2 different people about it but now I'm all set to graduate once I pass everything.  And the nerves just kicked back in....
Had to take that test for the public speaking class and while I didn't totally bomb, I certainly didn't do as well as I'd hoped.  Oh well.  First speech is coming up so I can't dwell on it too much.  Here's hoping the test's don't count for as much as the speeches.
Finally got graded on our workbooks for EMR and then we got to practice the assessments for the first time-for my classmates anyway, I was more of a coach and trying to see what they may have changed on it.  My partner was rather glad that I was able to help them get through it for the first time.
Got to see the premier of Studio C last night! Granted I wound up dropping my mom off, then running back to grab my sister before going myself.  It was fun.  We had Stacy and Natalie at ours. But they sat right in front of us.
Trying to print my current art project and the printer keeps failing to finish.  Got about half of it printed, but I wanted to get it bound before work today. Sigh....

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