Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Week was going well.  I have bad habit of getting very nervous when I have to stand up and talk in front of a group.  particularly one I've never met before but full of my peers.  Go figure that I can do it in front of younger kids but not people my same age.  I guess it has to do with the fact that little kids tend to trust you, and I have two nieces so I feel I can relate to them. Not sure why I'm not so nervous around junior high students either.
But my first speech is done, and I've got to view the recording today and critique myself-still cringing at the idea, got way too nervous when I got up so I don't think I did that well-as the final part of that assignment.  Though there is a small consolation in that we were all nervous.  Everyone used the 'um' sound at least once.  But I may have been one who did it the most.  Good thing passing this class is not crucial.
Got back my second art project yesterday-teacher kept them over the weekend-and tossed around our ideas for the third one.  We need 2 copies of a 40 page(double sided) book not including a cover by the 26th.  The teacher is providing half the paper, but we have to get the other half for ourselves.
Math is still going strong(did I mention the 83% on the first test?) which is a relief.  Strange that it's taken this long for things to start to make sense.  Told my dad he jinxed or cursed me, though I don't know if that counts when its a good thing.
EMR is funny when I don't have to worry about memorizing the acronym's like the rest of the class-even remembered how to do a full body assessment-and we're supposed to learn how to take blood pressure on thursday. Wonder how the teacher will react when I show them that.
General Conference!!! Pity we were babysitting my nieces and missed most of the second and third sessions.  Heard President Monson being announced but couldn't hear much of it at all.  So I'm really looking forward to when I get the hard copy.
Here's hoping math and art stay strong....

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