Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Well, my second speech was, but my art project(due tomorrow of course) is not.  Have to keep fighting the stupid printer to get anything out of it.  And my poor dad spent close to an hour sunday trying to fix that issue. Sigh.  Don't think I'll tell him yet, but I have figured out a temporary way to make it work.  Not sure if it will keep for the long run. Sigh.
But I got both copies of my book printed, just have to go through organization and then cut, paste, and cover them.  Loads of fun since we have to crease-precrease sot he pages don't open all the way to the spine and mess up the binding since it's a perfect(no, not in how I did it, that's what the style is called)binding.  And I've got plenty of time for it to dry, just not a lot of time to get it to that point. Figures.
But midterms is over, which covered the second speech, my second math test-won't get that til thursday at best-this current art project and my EMR midterm-still have to take-for that fun stuff.
Garden is half way torn up so it can be ready for next year, but I still have to organize the pipes, get the good tomatoes-if any-and pull them up, and store the smaller pipes in the garage.  Have to find one of the end pieces, as it got swallowed by the black berry bushes while I was disconnecting them.

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