Monday, October 10, 2016

Canadian Thanksgiving!

I know it may seem weird to have it over a month before the 'real' one, but as my dad went to Canada on his mission and always wants to go back-plus the insanity surrounding the 'real' one-we celebrate this one as a family so that those of us with in-laws can go to those in-laws on the 'real' one without having to worry about who they should go to every year.  Kind of wish I had some in-laws, but not yet.
Had to harvest all the butternut, the two big watermelons, the nearly ripe cantelope, as well as the usual bunch of tomatoes saturday as the squash and melons were getting black leaves.  Not sure why, as the zucchini, acorn, tomatoes, and the pepper plants all seem fine.  But they may be hardier than the others.
Stupid printer will not communicate with my computer! had to go to a preliminary critique for our next project with one photo as that's all I could get. Sigh. But got some good ideas for more photo's and how to make it interesting so I can have fun with all the junk emails I keep getting.
Another public speaking test this week, and I still don't have the book-kind of gave up on it at this point-so I may study the lecture notes the teacher puts on the site. Hopefully be more informative than the study guides.

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