Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Getting to the freezing point at night I hear.  Which means the garden is basically done.  Have to see what tomatoes I can get and grab the last zucchini as I got everything else.  Then I get to take down all the watering pipes and pull up the plants so there won't be anything in the way for spring.
Blaze died yesterday.  We were going to take him to a vet to see if he needed to be put down but he died before we got that far.  My sister in law said he might not make it, so she was right.  Sad though, and my brother was there watching him die.  I guess it meant he didn't die alone, but I think it was rather hard on my brother. Then we had fun trying to dig a hole-I didn't help, actually was helping get dinner started at the time-to bury him in as the cold made the ground uncooperative. Figures.  Hope the other cats don't get the same thing he did, because he suffered a lot it seemed towards the end. At least its over now.
Test 2 for math this week, and I'm a little nervous about it.  Stuff still makes sense but its getting harder to keep it all straight.  The teacher mentioned that one of the earlier sections was the hardest and if you got through that alright you'd be fine.  But I'm not sure that's how its going to work for me. Guess I'll find out.
Working on my second speech, which I hope goes better, or that I'll have better control of my nerves. Also something I'll have to wait and see on.

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