Thursday, April 30, 2015


Got to go to the temple today! first time in over a year.  Of course I forgot a brush(no big deal though, I just dealt with it when I got home)but we got to do some family names for other people, which was fun. My mom and I both have water in our ears.
So far I've passed the photo class(need that) but might just flunk math. Oh well.  Can retake that one,but really needed to get the photo one done.  No sign of a grade for my other classes, and the two I mentioned are not final yet.
There's hope though.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Its Over!

For the semester anyway.  All finals are done and turned in.  Had to run in a paper copy of the final and my paper to the lit professor, and I didn't feel like my photo project was done, but I had to deal with what I had.  They still want me to spend time as a cat using a video recorder on my forehead.  If I can get one...
Main goals this week: visiting teaching(2 of 3 done so far), visiting the temple(tomorrow, if I can catch a rid with my parents-really want to!) And waiting for my final grades to see if I passed(please....)
Been doing a lot of reading, as I'm really bored now.  And its only been a day.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Got the test done, which I feel rather good about.  At least I got a bunch of studying done.  So most of the questions didn't bother me.  One or two kind of had me stumped but the others are good.  Emailed my lit final to the teacher but haven't heard back from them yet. Just down to the last day for senior project-which is workshop-and the presentation of my photo project.
Had a long micro-burst last night, so everything was wet and a bit chilly this morning.  Still cloudy too....

Friday, April 24, 2015


I went up to school to drop off my american lit final, and no one was there.  Felt a bit better because another classmate was there for the same reason, but it meant I have to email that to them too, then bring in a paper copy monday.  Plus the testing center where my math final-the only location where it was available to take, and its in the social science center which is mainly history(figure that one out: math final in the history building?)-was closed when I got there.  At least I have tomorrow.
Studied a lot with my sister last night, but can't tell if it stuck. But I tried.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

And Its Gone

The snow lasted to about yesterday morning, but that was it.  Warming up again rather rapidly too.  Means my brothers get to mow the lawn for the first time today.
We got the panel board down!  Now on to the hardie backer and then the semi solid floor leveling stuff-not sure how long that parts going to take...-before we can get to the cabinets(rebuilding them and putting them back in)and then the tile.
So lets see how far we get today...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Niece

Does not like the fact that I'm wearing the wrist brace and so kept trying to take it off while I was babysitting them this morning.  Her sister was cranky so that didn't help things either.
Plus its snowing in April, and we've got a few inches already.  Not sticking to the roads much though.  My mom's worried about tree branches breaking as most have started blossoming and growing leaves.
Got second to last math homework in, just have the last bunch.  Still need to get a draft of my american lit essay done, and get the photos from last week onto my usb.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Oh Great...

Doctor's Appointment confirmed one thing but brought up another.  I didn't break anything, but I strained my wrist-like a sprain in that I need the brace, but takes a bit longer to heal-and have bursitis(hope that's how its spelled) in my ankle.  That one is basically a sack of fluid behind the tendon which is currently inflamed.  All I can do for that is no running or jumping and ice it if it hurts at the end of the day.  Still takes a while to heal though.
Got my portfolio in! So now I'm down to three classes to worry about.  Photo is going to be a(pardon the pun) photo finish to see if I pass. Math is the same, though I might have more luck with that one.  American lit just has the final book and test-which they let us see the draft so far to prep-and the essay I've already started.
Doing this one handed is not fun...

Monday, April 13, 2015


Every time we think we've got the kitchen down to where we can start putting new stuff back in we have to go down yet another layer.  Finally went down to the floorboards, so we're working on getting under layment down and then a layer of hardie backer before moving up to the underside for the tile layer.
Got my portfolio due today, but I realized I only have to redo a few things, instead of all of it.  Thank you senior portfolio class teacher, as they had us do most of it during the semester.  I just have to redo the research part and the craft essay, find what sample works to include, then put it all together.
Still trying to get a draft of my american lit essay done too...

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Well, the kitchen project is getting longer the deeper we get into it, so right now the kitchen is going to be floor less.  Spent the morning keeping my nieces outside as their parents had stopped by to give us a hand, but they had to leave just now.  You wouldn't think chasing two little girls around could be as tiring as tearing up plywood, but it seems to be, just in a different way.
Trying to get some homework done at the moment, as my portfolio is due monday, my essay I hope to have a draft done by the time class starts monday, going to use the poems I submitted to a magazine for the workshop monday so that's good.  Math is also hitting crunch time...

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hitting Crunch Time

With school.  One class, that I've already mentioned is just the last few weeks where we are reading each other's stuff.  Another we just had the final critique for and now we get to put the rest of the project together without that input.
Math is getting behind where I wanted to be, but I've still got time.  Trying to work on an essay for early american lit so I can give the teacher a draft today.  But that may not work out. sigh.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


My dad did some sawing in our floorless-kind of-kitchen so there's a lot of dust in the house.  I have been brushing off my keyboard since I got on just now.  Plus sneezing every so often.
Public reading went well, and now its over with.  Just have my portfolio to turn in by monday, and a small piece of my own work to bring in class next time.  Just so we have something to do for the last three weeks.
Nearly forgot my artist statement for photo yesterday-as did most of the class-so that made things interesting.  Supposed to bring a revised one in next monday.
Did a bunch of cat photo's with a classmate today, after spending the morning with The Scarlett Letter so I've got a headache.

Monday, April 6, 2015

General Conference!

Missed over half of the second session, and one talk during the sunday morning one, but the rest I got.  Having to work saturday made listening to the second session not possible.  So I'll have to get the ensign when it comes out to see what I missed.
Public reading for my senior project class today, so I'm way nervous.  Still need to work on my intro for another classmate, and make sure I've got my stuff ready for it as well.
Been clearing out the flooring in the kitchen last week, so things are a bit dusty around here, and the kitchen is only half available.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Woke up with a headache since monday, which does not help when I've got to get up for work.  but I've been managing.  Got much closer on my photography stuff yesterday, so I just have a few more shots to take, and others to refine before the last crit.
Been noticing a curiosity at work with the names I'm given for orders.  Today, for example, was Amanda and Laurie.  Had at least five of each.  Can't remember which one's were yesterday for sure, but I think Stephanie was one.
Class for today was out early due to a literature conference, so I finished Walden, then ran it back to the library-thankfully they have a week grace period, as it was that late in getting it back.  Then I found The Scarlett Letter-which took nearly twenty minutes as it wasn't where the computer said it was-so I can get that one read.  Shouldn't be too hard as I've read it before.
Having to tear up the linoleum in the kitchen as the under-layer is starting to rot thanks to a leak from the dishwasher-mainly because of the occasional overfill of soap-so we have to get it out before it gets to the floor boards.