Thursday, April 2, 2015


Woke up with a headache since monday, which does not help when I've got to get up for work.  but I've been managing.  Got much closer on my photography stuff yesterday, so I just have a few more shots to take, and others to refine before the last crit.
Been noticing a curiosity at work with the names I'm given for orders.  Today, for example, was Amanda and Laurie.  Had at least five of each.  Can't remember which one's were yesterday for sure, but I think Stephanie was one.
Class for today was out early due to a literature conference, so I finished Walden, then ran it back to the library-thankfully they have a week grace period, as it was that late in getting it back.  Then I found The Scarlett Letter-which took nearly twenty minutes as it wasn't where the computer said it was-so I can get that one read.  Shouldn't be too hard as I've read it before.
Having to tear up the linoleum in the kitchen as the under-layer is starting to rot thanks to a leak from the dishwasher-mainly because of the occasional overfill of soap-so we have to get it out before it gets to the floor boards.

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