Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Oh Great...

Doctor's Appointment confirmed one thing but brought up another.  I didn't break anything, but I strained my wrist-like a sprain in that I need the brace, but takes a bit longer to heal-and have bursitis(hope that's how its spelled) in my ankle.  That one is basically a sack of fluid behind the tendon which is currently inflamed.  All I can do for that is no running or jumping and ice it if it hurts at the end of the day.  Still takes a while to heal though.
Got my portfolio in! So now I'm down to three classes to worry about.  Photo is going to be a(pardon the pun) photo finish to see if I pass. Math is the same, though I might have more luck with that one.  American lit just has the final book and test-which they let us see the draft so far to prep-and the essay I've already started.
Doing this one handed is not fun...

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