Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Had two days of high wind warning, which not only blew snow back onto the driveway-and possibly furthering the ice issue on ours-but dropped the temperature to five degrees last night.  Needless to say my truck did not like moving-only a little trouble starting-in those temperatures.  My dad's big f-150 didn't like it either.  He had to come pick me up from the auto repair place where I had dropped off my truck to get the damage from the accident repaired.  Hopefully it will be done friday so I don't have to wait til monday for my truck.
My cat Midnight decided that since Princess has been gone long enough for her smell to fade from the house, she should be the new house cat this morning.  She ran in while my dad was bringing out warm water to the garage where we 'imprisoned' them(all the cats) during the cold with a heater on over night.  Spent several minutes without managing to catch her, so we waited until she relaxed a bit then my brother-who tries to claim her as his when I'm not looking-grabbed her and put her back in the garage.
Dad had to clear off the driveway this morning, as the wind seems to have stopped, but the ice factor is still very much there. Grrr...

Monday, December 29, 2014

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

All weekend.  Even some this morning.  Cold as usual.  Dad and mom had to shovel the driveway before the oldest and youngest of my brothers living at home got back from their early morning job.  They had to drive through the storm.  Snowed sunday, which I tried to clear off for my parents before they got back from church and it didn't work.  Plus the ice areas are still very much there. Grr.
Went to the new burger place next to my work-my sister and I as she was picking me up from work(tried to get my truck evaluated for repairs before work and my mom dropped me off)-and the man behind the counter reminded me of Westley from the Princess Bride after he's a pirate.  For some reason that really amused my sister.
So far going to take some time to get my truck back to passable condition...

Friday, December 26, 2014


Woke up before 9 to go shovel the driveway in hopes that it would melt before the sun went down and we wound up with a ice sheet instead.  Most of it is now clear, but we do have a patch where I was hoping we wouldn't get one, as that's the hardest place to melt off once it turns to ice. Sigh.
Saw the Penguins of Madagascar today, which is funny, but not what I'd expected.  Had a view point they didn't reveal in the trailers.
Reminded today of a conversation I heard at the Christmas party monday, where a mother was receiving less teasing from her now parenting children about stuff she'd done while they were growing up.  Now they-and my sister-are realizing why mothers and fathers do that stuff: having kids has that effect on a person.  I don't even have my own yet and I get that.  Plus my youngest niece turned her chocolate milk upside down in her lap before anyone realized what she was up to.  Couldn't keep from laughing when we caught on, as she had quite the look of determination as she held the cup.
Might get more snow tonight, but it was very cold last night.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry White Christmas!

It hardly stopped snowing all day.  Not much accumulated because it was warmer earlier, but we still have a few inches at least.  Supposed to snow through to tomorrow anyway.  Made traveling around a bit interesting, as my sister's car had newer tires and still slid around a bit after dark.  No connections, so we're all okay.
Work this week was crazy busy, which is good because I never had to hunt for something to do-more like try to find ways to get cleaning done with a seemingly never ending line-both days I've worked so far.
Spent yesterday with my older sister hunting for a few last minute gifts and avoiding the long lines at some of the stores-walmart wasn't too bad, but the grocery store was-to the cash registers.  Not much luck finding stuff, and so I just helped keep my sister from spending too much and trying to stay awake-strangely tired until the line at the grocery store-until we got back home.
Didn't sleep well last night-who does on Christmas eve?-partially due to sharing a room with my older sister and three brothers watching a movie til we fell asleep.  Both the oldest brother there and my sister took turns snoring, and then my youngest brother slid between the couch and ottoman they were balanced on and that woke me up.  Plus my oldest brother came by with his fiance before 8 when we'd gotten to bed around 4 and he kept stomping around upstairs.  Good thing I was already awake, but not wanting to be.
But we had fun, despite the knowledge that a few presents are going to be late this year.

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Well, it may not be snow, but it at least made things busier at work.  It kind of felt like tides, with an ebb and flow you couldn't predict because you can't tell when the line stops or is going to start up again.  But I never really had a slow time long enough to get bored.  And my manager was happy.
Though the other manager told me to get on the register and stay there, then the two supervisors came in-or the basket wrappers did this too-and kept kicking me off.  Plus they told me to not bother with grabbing more than one pastry for an order-which before they said three-and just stay on register.  Made for a bit of confusion to me.
Still haven't got to finish my Christmas shopping, which a lot of people seemed to be doing today.

Friday, December 19, 2014


Princess was my dad's nearly 20 year old cat up until this morning.  No, she did not do anything to get herself taken to the pound, nor did she run off or get hit by a car like two of our other cats.  She apparently went to use the litter box as usual-being the only cat to consistently do so having earned her the right to be the only indoor cat in our house-and just dropped and never got up.
We didn't find her til she had stiffened up, but hadn't started to smell yet.  My second oldest brother noticed her 'sleeping' there as he first thought she was.  Both he and my youngest brother thought they could see her breathing, but upon petting her she failed to move.  My second youngest brother picked her up to show that not only was she now stuck in that pose, but her eyes were still open.
Needless to say, my dad seemed okay with it, but he set me off when I got back from running to the bank to find him crying by the garbage can as he cleaned out the litter box we'd found her after burying her.  Of course she was old but she was a nice cat.
And I got the check for fixing my truck-why I was running to the bank-so I needed to get tithing for my last paycheck anyway.
Work was busy, but my coworker told me it was still slow for this time of year.  Need to finish Christmas shopping...

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Come on!

Can't we get more than a skiff of snow so it lasts longer than it takes for the sun to rise?  Granted, driving in my truck would not be fun, but I can handle that.  Other drivers not so much, I will admit.  And I should probably not hope for it before I get my truck fixed.  But I want it to feel like December with snow, not just be cold because it snowed lightly overnight and then melted by noon the next day.
Nice sunset today.  Wish I had a camera I'd trust to capture the picture the way I want to.  Too bad I can't afford a good camera at the moment.  I can still enjoy the view anyway.
My brothers had a panic moment this morning before heading to work, so that was interesting to hear about.  they made it okay though.
A coworker commented that I seem to be getting less hours than I should despite the holiday rush-today was crazy and kept going right up til 4-and so they are trying to help me get more hours.  Downside being they have to go through the manager, so they know as well.  Just wish they'd stop giving me a long week followed by one day of work the next.  Trying to save for school here, and the less hours is not helping.
Cloudy, so we might get more snow tonight, and I can hope it sticks better.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


What's up with the racism stuff lately?  Why is it that people can't let something just be the harmless thing it really is? Like that police man who's getting in trouble for doing his job?  Can we not just let that stuff go? sheesh.
And of course my still working truck is now declared a salvage, so I have to get the title adjusted for that.  At least they are giving me enough to fix it and letting me keep it.  How else would I get to work?  All the other cars are in use by my respective parents and siblings, so that wouldn't work.
Cold today, so while the insurance guy was here I had to thaw my truck out so I could see to drive to work.  Might make things easier to do when school starts up though.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Feels weird when someone you know has very little ambition and it bugs you for some reason.  But there's only so much you can do about it.
Candy night went well, as we had all my siblings in attendance, but not all the grandkids.  Made fudge, chocolate pretzels, and toffee.  I wound up distracting the oldest of my nieces most of the time.  Then I talked  my youngest brother into doing just dance with me.
I wish it would really snow...

Monday, December 15, 2014

It Finally Snowed!

And melted.  sigh.  And made things very cold.  Had to thaw my wind shield before work today.  Which that was crazy with an order of all 23 loaves of orange cranberry-all the loaves we have left at the time, so the poor bakers had to start making 200 more-bread, plus three or four orders of multiple gift cards each.
The Evening of Music was fun, and my friend made it down so I was able to have my dad meet him.  they gave me a ride home after the evening ended.
My mom stole the last of the four banana bread loaves I'd made for breakfast yesterday.  There was one last night...
Now dealing with the insurance stuff regarding the damage to my truck.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Roller coaster Day...

With events I mean.  Got to choir practice a bit late, but they hadn't started yet.  Then during the practice I got a text to come in at 11 instead of 10, so I got to stay for the full practice-with the whole four other women who stayed that long-and then eat a much better breakfast when I got home.
Was headed to work a bit early, and had to stop a bit quicker than normal to avoid rear ending the car in front of me.  Then a car behind me swiped a red car and took out my driver side rear brake lights and that side of the bumper.  The tire well isn't much better...
Had to get to work nearly an hour late thanks to filling out a police report-they were already there on the other side of the road clearing up an earlier accident that required a tow truck-and waiting for them to finish with my info.  Managed to text my manager before I was late to let them know what was going on.
Work was nice and busy, so I never quite felt bored, though three of my coworkers and my manger wanted to make sure I was ok-no injuries to me thanks to a lead foot on my brake at the time-when I finally got there.  Got off late too.
Digging out my insurance wasn't fun either, but it meant I didn't get in trouble.
Then I got a text from a male friend asking to go to lunch next week.  I invited them to the evening of music tomorrow, and lunch tuesday.
Like I said, roller coaster.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Headache for about three days now, though it's been different each time.  Not helpful at work though, as I had a hard time focusing and remembering stuff.  I managed, but it wasn't much fun.
Went to Kneaders for breakfast yesterday, but wound up not working.  Kind of good and kind of boring.
Supposed to snow tomorrow, which would make it feel like winter for once.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ow, Not Cool...

Went to donate blood last night and had something happen that I'd never gone through before.  They started with my right arm-per my request-and it went about a second and stopped.  they fiddled with it(really hurt going in, and every time they touched the needle) but no luck, so they pulled it back out-of course it starts bleeding then, and got the tray with it-to switch arms.
Left arm went much better, but they had to clean things up first so it took longer than normal anyway.  Still hurt, and I've got a bruise on my right elbow now.
Did not help when I'm trying to help my sister babysit our nieces...

Monday, December 8, 2014


Yesterday we all had some kind of throat bug, but my dad's on the mend.  Made for an interesting fast sunday though.
No work today, so I cleaned a bit, and read while my brothers slept.
My oldest brother and his girlfriend came by for dinner, so my dad was tormenting them by threatening to get them sick.
Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, so we watched the movie Pearl Harbor with dinner.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

New Phones...

They look cool, but at the same time I have to adjust, as my old phone was a flip phone and this new one is more like a smart phone.  Not intending to use the internet on it though.
We got covers for them as well, I just need to put my contacts on the new one.
Work was busy and steady, so time went by rather quickly.  Got off early so now I'm doing laundry.

Friday, December 5, 2014


Went for a walk while my brothers slept off their first day of training at their new job, and got a bit more than I'd planned for while looking for a gift for my sister.
My mom also had a delivery of vitamin type pills, which was a large box.  And we got our new phones too.  Transferring the numbers is taking a bit though.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Long day at work, given I worked last night til 8 and today til 3. And having a headache did not help.
Saw a friend who's getting married today both last night and tuesday evening.  They and their fiance came by to order food. Not sure they recognized me though.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Watched my nieces this morning with a little help from my brothers.  the older one was just fine, but the younger one was extremely cranky and so that made it interesting.  Had to get up early to get ready for them to be dropped off too.
Yesterday at work went fine, though my brother bought pizza right before I left.  Cloudy with a bit of rain today.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Hating My Phone...

It is now barely lasting at all with texting, and calls most certainly kill it.
I made 50,000 words by 7:30 saturday!  Had to try twice on the site to turn it in for confirmation though.
Rained most of the day yesterday, with a change of snow for a bit that didn't stick at all during church.  Tithing settlement was yesterday, and my sister woke up with barely any voice at all.
Today was yet more babysitting for the time being. Trying to get stuff done when I need my phone for it is most annoying when my phone is killing itself so much...

Saturday, November 29, 2014

46,000 and counting...

Getting to the end of november and I'm still behind on my word count.  Managed 5,000 yesterday before going to bed, but I had work today.
Doesn't help that I'm still very short on ideas.  Got a lot of space in the story but no idea how to fill the blanks. Sigh.
Bet Black Friday was crazy though...

Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! And Black Friday...

Not so sure the second one is a good thing, but I guess people still like it. Kneaders was doing a buy one get one free on pies, and some of the stuff was on sale.
My allergies gave me a kick in the pants wednesday night, so I didn't sleep very well. Made rolls and pineapple stuffing for the dinner.
Went to work at 4 on wednesday and got off at 7:30 because we were busy but not enough for the amount of people there at the time.  Had a headache and cramps anyway, so I wasn't complaining.  Plus it was waffle night.
My brother created what might be the start of a family joke for Thanksgiving in naming his turkey and then someone naming the one my mom cooked.  Quite a few jokes from just that actually...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


How to take a $60 alingment on my truck and make it $115? wait too long so a certain $10 part has to be replaced-which means almost another hour of labor to pay for.
Then find out that the shocks in the front are about gone and that will be about $125.
So school may have to be shelved for yet another semester...

Monday, November 24, 2014

Aw, Man...

Snowed sunday morning really good, but most of it melted today.  My dad chased me around with a spray bottle because I asked my mom to braid my hair but it had nearly dried and might not have been curly when I took it out.
Babysat again today, which was fun because we took-my sister and I-them to get snow boots and gloves and found really cute stuff at Ross.
Work ran late saturday,which means I got an extra hour than I expected to. Also got some gingerbread cookies and chunky cinnamon bread.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Got into a bit of an argument with my sister yesterday, and I was still a little upset about it this morning.  Made pancakes for breakfast-my mom's suggestion, and added pumpkin stuff-but my mom cooked them.
Helped my dad move the currently not working f-150 truck he brought from my uncle to the garage using another car to push and pull it up the driveway.  I was steering for the last bit.  Didn't think to take out the key-no power steering, which is very hard to work with-and didn't know the key was on and so it drained the battery.  Oops.
My dad blew out all the rain gutters with a leaf blower.  Got my chores done too.  And it was of course raining during the truck thing. Sigh...

Friday, November 21, 2014


Once more I was on garbage duty today, did it right after I got to work-this time just checked the lobby ones as neither was even half full-and then around noon I had to empty both.  At least it wasn't as cold today.
Had at least three people order pies from me today-think I had two more as well-and one was thinking about what pies to go for when I left.
Brother is still having car issues, and so he has my car once again.  Scheduled an alignment for tuesday, hope to get the oil changed monday though.  We'll see how it works out.
Made it to 30,000 words yesterday!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Garbage and Running into Old School Friends Day at Work.

Well, not very old, just haven't seen the two of them for a while.  One from Japanese and whose name I totally forgot-sigh, me and names-the other from a few of my creative writing courses and the name was hovering in the back of my head.
Didn't really get to chat though.  Got to work and helped my manager clear the bakery's garbage out of the back and put it in the dumpster.  And later I got to clean out both the lobby cans too.
Baby sitting my nieces up til yesterday after noon means I'm now about 6,000 words behind. Sigh...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Very Bad Idea...

Did not sleep well sunday morning, so I was fighting being grouchy all day.  Then sunday night I let my oldest niece sleep in my bed with me.  She kept kicking or running into me-or moaning/sighing-all night, and if it wasn't her it was her sister crying in the middle of the night.
So yesterday I was even more tired.  And I had work too, which ran rather late for an evening shift-try 35 minutes-so I just took a shower, ate dinner, and went to bed.  Was aware for quite a while this morning, but felt like my eyelids were glued shut til about nine. Still feel a bit tired, but not too bad.
Wanted to get my tires rotated today, but having issues in jacking up the tires.  At least I know I can loosen the bolts.  Takes a bit of effort, but I can do it with having to stand on the star wrench, which is what I had to do the last time.
Nice day though...

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Been snowing every night for the past three days.  Would be fine if the snow dropped more than a skiff and didn't melt so fast.  Cloudy constantly too.
Yesterday was writers block day-not that I've been having much luck writing this week anyway, but I spent most of the day listening to songs or watching silly videos trying to get inspired.  Didn't work.  Finally had to settle for giving a character two pages of thinking in circles to get up to 24,000.
Was supposed to work today but they had too many people.  Too bad I did my cleaning yesterday.  So I helped my mom reorganize a room that has the gaming center, and my nieces beds in it because babysitting them is becoming a more constant thing.
Be nice if I could get some decent inspiration...

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Piano guys released a new video, though I'm not sure if the title fits, but I could be thinking of the wrong song here.  Heard two coworkers discussing a sketch from Studio C that was in the monday episode.  Can't remember the sketch name though.
Forgot my hat for the first time, so I borrowed a spare for the back.  Today we kept running out of soups and then one of the replacement soups wouldn't reach the needed temperature for us to serve it.  Still having issues with the loyalty card system.
Need to register for institute...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day 10...

And I've got writers block.  Up to 19,400 words, but that's won't cover tomorrow.  Hope I can get inspired by then.
Registered for classes yesterday, so I can talk to my manager today about working around them.
Ran and errand for my sister this morning-very cold-and had to get breakfast stuff as we're out.  Need to put gas in my car...

Monday, November 10, 2014

Day 8(technically 10 but I skipped 2)...

16,000 words this morning.  Took a walk and discovered the wind was rather frigid.  Started flaking this afternoon.
Brothers are trying to stay ahead of the leaves, though the one keeps wanting to wait until they all fall-um...the flaking this afternoon didn't hint that that was a bad idea?-but my mom insisted they do some today.  Starting to cover the driveway anyway.
Can register for classes tomorrow!

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Got a 3 dollar tip today, split it with two of my coworkers before I left.  One claimed today was very slow in regards to business, but we were plenty busy to me. Got to deep clean the outside seating area again, and clean a garbage can inside and out for the first time.
Cask drawer scratched me when I was getting change.
Saw Big Hero Six yesterday.  Very cute and funny. Glad I got 12,000 words thursday because I didn't have time to write yesterday.  Need to catch up today though.
Watched the Edge of Tomorrow thursday night, and it was better than I'd thought.
Can register for classes next tuesday...

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Day Six...

And 8,000 words so far.  Of course my mom is up to 10,000 already.  I was ahead there for a while.
Work last night was interesting, as first I had a customer with special needs who had just come out of dental surgery-their poor sinuses got infected after removing their wisdom teeth-and was still a bit out of it.
Then one of the stake presidency counselors came in a recognized me.  But that wasn't a bad thing.
Today was normal, though the rush was staggered, instead of all at once.
We have a new cake out-peppermint chocolate, which I think is really good and moist.
My brother got new lights for my truck-back up lights-that just need to be installed.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Its that month again, and of course I get a new story idea the night before which wipes out the idea I was originally going to use.  I didn't have time to write saturday, and I don't write on sunday, so I had to write over 4,000 words yesterday.  Have to get my count in for today too.
Work had the same issue from yesterday, where the store cards and gift cards don't work.  previously made loyalty ones do, but nothing else did.  Then the second register broke, the manager fixed it, then it broke again right before the lunch rush.  The manager and I were trading who was on the register every half hour or so so one person wasn't stuck the whole time.
Still not much fun during a rush...

Monday, November 3, 2014


Well, work saturday went late-as in I got off almost an hour late, but no real issue there-but the party was fun.  The fact that we lost power for seven hours actually helped.  We got out glow sticks and candles and had fun.  Some people made it, but not everyone.
Cloudy all weekend, which made it rather cold this morning when my sister and I took my grandma and our nieces out to breakfast.  Let my grandma just talk most of the time-she gave us a few tips for handling the girls-and then I took her home.
Work meeting took longer than an hour, but no big surprises.  Just info about the holiday crush coming up. 
Finally found out when I can register for classes, but it's not until next week.  Sigh...

Friday, October 31, 2014


Which is probably a good thing for Halloween, adds to the 'spooky'-ness I think.  But it also lowers the temp a bit.
Work was better yesterday, though we sold a lot of the special Halloween ghost and jack o lantern sugar cookies-they had them pre-boxed in half dozens when I got there(very handy when people were getting specific amounts).  thankfully my manager finally managed to get the pop machine fixed that same morning, so we didn't have a repeat of wednesday's chaos.
Went to lunch with my mom and aunts, and then went shopping-found some really fun Halloween decor for my sister's masquerade tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Amusement Parks

Can be fun, but not when the temperature starts dropping-as it did monday-because moving at high speeds after dark in lower degrees takes some of the fun out.  But that didn't quite stop my siblings and I from doing it.  We just had a lot of hot chocolate-mainly held in front of us to regain finger mobility-and found a few indoor rides.  Those tend to be the fear factor type rides, which fits the season.
We got to see a Zombie Mambo performance too, while getting the second round of said chocolate.
Of course I think that kick started my allergies, but very mildly.  I can still breathe through my nose, and only have a tickle in my throat.  work was crazy though, so it didn't help to even have that much.  The pop machine broke again, and still wasn't fixed when I left.  Poor manager kept calling people to try and trouble shoot with no success.
Forgot the bread I got for my grandma, so I need to remember to take it to work tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This is Getting Complicated...

My brother's car is still in the shop, and yesterday he got off work after I did.  Wound up waiting at work for nearly an hour because my parents and only other sibling with a car were in another city visiting family.
It froze last night, which was awkward for my brother as he got my truck washed before heading home.  He of course then went to dry it off with a towel in hopes of preventing my truck getting frozen shut.
Don't know if it worked...

Monday, October 27, 2014


Got asked to cover a coworker's shift saturday night again.  Crazier than the first time I got that shift.  Didn't get off until 9:30 too.
Baby sat my nieces saturday morning-after cleaning the room they play in-and most of sunday.  Poor youngest one is getting more teeth and was miserable.
Made it to the second practice for my ward choir yesterday, by getting a ride from one of my home teachers.  So close to finishing the cross stitch for my sister...

Friday, October 24, 2014


My brother somehow locked himself out of the house for 4 hours yesterday after midnight(so night before last).  Why he was out there is not certain.
My work was normal, and I got off early so my brother could borrow my truck.  Still can't get the front license plate on...

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Lindsey Stirling came out with a new music video.  It's fun to see an artist who can manage steam punk style with modesty.
Nickleback's new song What Are You Waiting for? is fun too, but that one doesn't have a video.
Work was long yesterday, but I didn't get off early.  Found someone to cover my shift so I can go to a party with my sisters and mom.
Put on my new license plate yesterday before work, though I didn't have time to get both on.  Felt bad because my dad went to the bank while I was at work to deal with the lien problem I'd mentioned because I'd forgotten to tell him I'd taken care of it.
Then I found two unused plates in the back of the cab with unused decals.  Had to laugh about that.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Well, the weekend was crazy, with my parents supposed to be out of town having a nice weekend with my grandma but they came home yesterday saying they needed a vacation from that vacation.  Took my sister's dog to the vet-he'd hurt his back somehow-and then brought him home.  Would have taken a lot longer given they were booked til 9:20, but the main vet is in my parents ward and they found an opening within a few minutes so I was done before 9:10.  Poor dog's on meds and bed rest for two weeks.  Meds are making the dog very restless.
My dad's cat isn't doing so well either, but she's mending faster.  Has some kind of injury to her left cheek that got infected-may be two there, but it's hard to tell-so we've been washing it with baby shampoo and it's been going down.  It was also oozing, so that may be helping too.
Got my truck registered today, to me.  License plate is kind of fun, though it took far longer than I'd expected.  Had to go to the bank to get a signature-something about a lien holder signature-then go back.
Brother's car is still out of commission.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


My brother's clutch somehow wore out in less than a year, so he's borrowing my truck and it's now showing signs of age.  First a gas smell-not a first time though-then a burning belt smell(according to him) and last night the backing up lights weren't working.
Then I was driving to work this morning and something was rattling behind the dashboard.  Usually when the road was a little bumpy.
Of course his clutch isn't covered under a warranty despite its recent installation, so he has to pay around $700 for a warrantied one.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Crazy Week.

Monday I got my truck inspected-it passed.  Tuesday I didn't have a spare moment-7 hour work shift and then missionaries over for dinner-went to see The Maze Runner after that-so I've missed a few days.
Not much to report.  My sister was babysitting my nieces at their house all day monday, then brought them home that night so she could watch them until about 5 yesterday.
Work was work, though I got sent home early monday-less than an hour, but I still missed canadian thanksgiving.  Got leftovers when I got home.  Of course my sister made french toast after I went to work yesterday.
Maze Runner is a thriller.  Not a gory one, though there is a little blood and some language.
Today should be interesting...

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Meet the Mormons

Funny how more people recognize that name over the official one of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints.  But the movie is good-though there is a cry spot for those of that tendancy.
Work today was crazy, but in a good way.  I covered the shift for my manager without any big issues.  Learned how to box a bar cake and brew coffee-though I don't drink the stuff-while I was there.  Then got to show the newest hire how to do the coffee afterwards, which may help me remember.
Had a customer try to set their full glass of water on a table and tip it over instead.  Then a little kid dropped one of the very large glass ball type ornaments off the Christmas tree and break it.  Their mom helped clean it up.

Friday, October 10, 2014


The soda machine broke at work yesterday, which really did not help with the ongoing lunch rush at the time.  It meant we had to fill all the drinks for the customers for over an hour, and try to take orders-not to mention get them out-with a line out the door.
When it finally got fixed you could feel the sigh of relief-though no one made any sound out loud.
Grabbed the tickets for my parents, two siblings, and I to go see the Meet the Mormons movie today.  Went to the wrong theater though...

Thursday, October 9, 2014


We actually ran out of the large canning jars we've been using.  Haven't had to buy some in years.  So my applesauce is still in the pot.  Managed to find enough to can the last bit of juice, and we do have three left, but thats not enough for the sauce.
Had a headache all day yesterday, and thankfully I got off work early despite my lack of hours this week.  I exercised and it finally went away.  But now I'm sore.
And if we want to finish all the apples we've got, we need more jars...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

And It's Over...

another conference is done.  No work yesterday or today, so its been a bit boring.  Trying to get the last of the garden before the frost kills it, and use it before it goes bad.
Apples being the prime target right now.  Managed another load of juice last night, bottled it this morning.  now working on a second batch and some sauce as well.
Work out was a bit harder than usual, so I'm sore while trying to do the apples...

Saturday, October 4, 2014


1st session is done, second to start shortly.  Got some housework done during, as long as it wasn't loud so I could still hear.
Thought I'd walk to the store yesterday to grab groceries for dinner, and failed to realize how heavy the bag would be.  Gave myself a cardio and a weight exercise doing that.  Thankfully recovery wasn't much beyond a good nights rest.
Trying to finish my laundry before the 2nd session starts, or before work if that doesn't happen.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Ha Ha Ha Ha...

Wound up going over to my step foster grandma's(yeah, its complicated, but I still know her) house to pick the apples off her trees.  My second oldest and youngest brothers came too, and we filled three baskets with them.  Mostly just the good ones with no bites.
I then put half a basket in the juicer, but it wasn't done before I went to bed.  My mom's currently finishing it.
Got to work fine, but overheard the owner/manager talking with the shift manager(both were working today) and the O/M threatened to set me on the SM.  All I could think to say was "umm, what am I being volunteered for now?"  They both laughed a little, then the SM said they'd set another employee-the one on expo-on the O/M.  The O/M retorted that I could take the other employee.
We both weren't too keen on being called to fight each other, and the other employee remarked that I ought to tell the O/M to fight their own battles.
My mom came by with her coworker's for lunch, and I didn't even know she was there until I was trying to find another customer and spotted her on the way.   Her coworkers started teasing me, and one asked for a free pastry.
My mom's present is here!  Siblings still owe me for it...

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Had yesterday morning off, but couldn't find a number for a job I applied for.  Finally called the only number that seemed to show and was told they have to wait a month before they even get the application.
Work was normal last night, and I got off a bit early.  Rather cold this morning, then my supervisor told me they are over-scheduled so I get the day off.
So I ordered my mom's birthday present.  Should be here on time...

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I have this idea that one day I will get home from work and mine will have remembered that I'd like to eat something and not have to hunt through the fridge or go to a lot of effort to make it.  But not today.  We had pizza last night and I was hoping for leftovers, but my youngest brother ate most of them and my second oldest finished off the rest.
A customer at work decided I couldn't help them and insisted on speaking with the manager, which made things awkward for me and harder for them.  Dropped a tray into the cooking area but didn't hit anyone or make a mess.
They were putting up some new stuff and some glass got dropped and broke-I was there having breakfast with my parents and grandma(+ two siblings)-which did not help in setting things up.  No one got hurt though.

Monday, September 29, 2014


Spent an extra half hour at work saturday, then had women's conference.  Yesterday I woke up way early feeling like someone just stabbed me in my left calf with a rather blunt yet narrow object.  Both my calves were stiff all day.
Of course my poor manager found out something was very wrong with a pie we were serving.  The customer brought up the piece they'd paid for and said it was salty.  My manager put a bite in their mouth and then dropped it back on the plate.  The plate was then dropped in the trash, and the manager pulled the remaining pie out of the fridge.  I might have found it funny if not for the look of horror on my manager's face as they tried the dessert.
Then today things were a big scattered, and we had another contest.  But no prize for winning.  Just to see how many pumpkin bread and any combo meals we could sell. I might have won that one, but I wasn't sure...

Friday, September 26, 2014


My brother tried to juice some apples today and forgot to maintain a water level, so the pot boiled dry.  I checked it and took it off the burner to prevent a fire, but the hot pad I put it on nearly caught fire anyway-my hands smell like smoke now...-so that made things interesting.
Otherwise its been a normal friday...

Thursday, September 25, 2014


I should be a bit more excited, but I'm still digesting and don't have a lot of energy.  We had yet another 'competition' at work, with the combo 3's again, and I won.  Barely.  we were neck and neck for most of the day and then I got one more at the last of the lunch rush than my coworker.  I'd say it might not be fair, but we were both new, and they were ahead for the first hour or so.
So I got a chocolate croissant and they grabbed a mouse dome.  We got off at the same time, which was 20 minutes late for them and over a half hour early for me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Looks like my parents and two of my siblings got something from the food we ate for my brother's birthday.  I didn't eat the stuff, so I'm okay.  But they are not.
Harvested some of our stuff from the garden after my dentist appointment today-had to pay without insurance, not cool-and then canned the sauce my mom made with the tomato's from saturday.  Still need to work on using the apples...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Didn't sleep well last night, which did not help my recovery from my workout.  So I'm sore as well.
My sister woke up sick too, so I'm not the only one.  Work was normal otherwise.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Got home from work saturday and my parents + one sibling had picked five or six baskets of apples which we took care of one for the next hour-and some tomato's at the same time.
Today was normal at work, though I had to talk to my manager about a schedule change and make sure they knew I was covering for a coworker saturday(upcoming).  So instead of having both friday and saturday off, I have wednesday. Joy...

Friday, September 19, 2014


It's a little warmer today than I expected for the stuff I wanted to get done.  Walked to the bank for monetary stuff, then to the store for personal stuff.  Then this afternoon I was checking the fluid levels in my truck and decided to clean the windows while I was at it.  The fact that all the paper towels I used were at least partially black told me I'd waited far too long to clean them.
Should make driving in the coming winter easier...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Not Good.

A coworker couldn't make it to work today, and we had a long rush for lunch.  Being shorthanded never helps with that.  So I was on register with the new trainee, two managers were running drive, phones expo, and lobby with one coworker just getting the orders together, another stuck on drive.  If either of us cashier's got a breather we ran to help expo or clear lobby.  Felt like hours but really only two, but the times before and after were so crammed things didn't calm down til about 2:40.
At least we still managed good customer service despite the rush...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


The university I attend-or will next semester-decided to test their emergency alert system this morning, which kind of took up all the save space in my cell phone text box.
Work had another competition, though no one won or got a prize.  We were just trying to get rid of the last of the caramel apple bread.  The other cashier and I sold three apiece, the drive through may have gotten one, but I don't know.
Got to see The Amazing Spiderman 2 last night, which is both sad and cool.  Not to mention the typical teenager issues about growing up...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Work would have been normal save for one of our cash register's being down-only we found out later one of the cords that plugs into the base had come loose enough that the computer didn't have power.
Made the lunch rush interesting though.
Got to make my first smoothie too, which was fun despite having to lie on top of the freezer to get the fruit stuff.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Not Enjoying Life at the Moment...

But we had a little cashier competition today to see who could sell the most of a certain combo meal and our pumpkin bread.  I tied on the combo with the winner, but they beat me with the bread.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Made it to work barely on time.  Still feeling a little off after donating, but that goes away when I eat.  Work was crazy busy 90% of the time, so I wasn't bored at all.  Actually didn't get to finish a project I was given, but nothing big.
Got Papa Murphy's for dinner last night, as I didn't want to make anything.
Come home and my mom grabbed McDonalds (Yuck, don't like that place) for lunch and my brothers saved me some.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Of Course...

Donated blood this morning, now mother nature wants her turn.  Sigh...
Made it to the launch party for Micheal Vey 4 yesterday, which meant 2 hours of standing in line then 40 minutes of driving home near 11 p.m.  But it was fun regardless.
Trying to get my laundry done before my dad needs to turn off the water to fix something. Last load is in the dryer...

Thursday, September 11, 2014


To think, 13 years ago it was, and far too many people forget about it so easily.   Funny, that my youngest brother turned 6 eight days later.
Work was real slow when I first got there, then picked up for a steady run that lasted the rest of my shift.
Got asked to come in an hour later though(again).

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


My brothers are arguing about who's turn it is to walk the door again...
Work was busy, and there was a new manager starting today.  They'd been working in another city and now came to this location.
Getting much better at the sandwich stuff, but still working on salads and smoothies.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


There is a new employee who started yesterday.  I worked the same shift as they did today, and seeing how much I now know verses what they are just learning makes me feel a lot better about my performance.  Not because I'm doing better than they are, but it shows how far I've come.
Though my supervisor was getting on my case about keeping busy when I'd stopped to get out of the way while looking for something to do.  Did a lot of expo(exposition, or in other words taking orders out to customers) and had a hard time getting my voice loud enough for them to hear me.
At least I can recognize most of the samples we put out-just not the newest seasonal stuff.

Monday, September 8, 2014


Been feeling a bit under the weather, and today the weather is definitely gloomy.  Well, just dark clouds overhead, no rain yet.
Bought the Saratov Approach so my sister could see it-and I liked it.  Work was normal, though I messed up once.  Not big though.
Slowly getting to know my coworker's names...

Friday, September 5, 2014

Not Helping...

Woke up with a headache again.  Slept in too.  I think it rained last night.
Nice day though...

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Keep getting email notifications from the video job I no longer have.  Why didn't they take me off the list?
Work was normal, though I got off early last night and a bit on time today.  No work tomorrow.
And I got to spend the evening with my sister and nieces...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Was asked to come in an hour later today, and then a coworker asked me to switch their 6 hour shift tomorrow with my five hour one.
Otherwise it was a normal day.  Got my photo's, which look good, but too late to turn in. Sigh...

Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day!

And I still had work.  But it was much better today when compared to saturday.  One complaint, but not one that was a big deal, and not involving me.
Get paid either tonight or tomorrow, so that's good.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


I had to change the garbage at work twice today, and both times had the bag leak.  The first it got all over my pants-not cool-the second a puddle on the carpet.  Thankfully not too bad though.
Got my first tip though, and it was cloudy enough to not be too hot.
My photo's haven't arrived! So I can't submit them unless they somehow get here in the next twenty minutes or so...

Friday, August 29, 2014


Watched Now You See Me last night.  Cool twist at the end.
School's having the annual block party today, so I meandered there for an hour after getting my paycheck from the video job.
Got to take my family-save the sister who went on wednesday-to breakfast this morning.  They enjoyed it.
Trying to think of lunch...

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Well, my photo's for the fair have been sent, though I can't tell when they are expected to arrive.  My mom decided to enter a painting as well, so I can drop both off when mine get here.
I fear my sister's-not living at home-financial situation has taken a bad turn...
I get my paycheck from school tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


My sister and I were able to do breakfast this morning, and we saw a little one crawling away from their mother.  She kept watching us and wandering-as far as she could crawl without running into someone-before the mother finally managed to catch her.
Then I get home from work and my two nieces are here.  The oldest was leaning over the piano to try and reach me through the window.  Of course my youngest brother tried to get me to take the youngest niece from him while I was still in my uniform.
But I still had fun with them before they had to leave.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


That didn't go so well.  My sister wanted to have breakfast before I had to work this morning, but she fell asleep and I got distracted.
Got off late from work as well, but not because it was busy.
Hopefully will have my photo's in time for the fair...

Monday, August 25, 2014

Not Quite

We actually got a bit of hail while I was finishing up at work today.  Didn't last long though.  Grabbed my mom some bread with a sandwich for my lunch before heading home.
Have to skip taking classes this semester...

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Didn't expect to see that...A little kid threw up while waiting in line at work today.  Had to clean that up, then my coworkers did the detail sanitation for it.  Not fun at all.
Busy though, which is a good thing, but kind of a sporadic busy.  Got called in an hour early due to that.  Not going to complain about it.

Friday, August 22, 2014


One of those days where things seem to go wrong.  Nothing big, just events like dropping liquids-I and a coworker did that, theirs was a smoothie that went everywhere mine a syrup container which thankfully didn't do too much.  Or running into someone carrying something, like me with a kid and a full glass of water-only a bit spilled on me and them, none on the floor-or me and a coworker trying to get an order out.  Nothing spilled there though.
No major scenes though.  Raining after I left so I had to sprint inside when I got home.
What to do about school...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wet and Hot.

Well, not so much hot today.  But certainly wet.  A coworker asked me to cover their shift tomorrow, not that I have anything better to do.
I guess my failure in math means I can't even get student loans for this semester.  Grrr.  Maybe I should take a break from it...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Our tomato's are really starting to produce.  Picked a bucketful this morning.  Really wish our cantaloupe would ripen, as we've finally got some big ones without the deer taking bites out of them.  Corn is getting there as well, and the cantaloupe is threatening to swallow the volunteer potatoes nearby.
Got the last grade-all B's save math(AARGH). so I've still got a good G.P.A.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Communication Error..

My sister wanted to go see Guardians of the Galaxy today, but failed to communicate time before I went to work this morning.  So she's at the theater with my cousins and I'm at home having got off work too late to join them.
Got my math score-have to take the class yet again...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Not Sure About That...

Lost my video job today, as my boss said I wasn't improving fast enough.  Given today was the fourth time I've filmed in the past two weeks, I don't know how they expect me to be at the same level as my coworkers.  But I was leaving friday anyway, so no big loss there.
Had my first meeting at Kneaders, and got paid for it too.  Hot today, so my sister and I are planning to use the new pool.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


May have to talk with my Manager at Kneaders about school, if I can afford this semester at all that is.  Got sunburned at work again today, but not as bad.  Just a little on my right bicep.
Only one new grade: a B+ in my modern american lit class.

Friday, August 15, 2014


Not sure I can do classes this semester...Trying to work them in around my work schedule for the moment.  May have to just grab a few and leave the rest.  Even then I may not be able to afford it.
Got to film today, and my boss said I was doing well.
Got off lat from Kneaders though, very busy lunch today.
What can I make for dinner that is portable...

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Humid again.  Work was a bit boring as I was just helping today.  As usual.
Got things work out as best I could though.
Still no word on grades though!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Got to see the newly refinished temple yesterday, with quite a few cool cloud pictures to go with it.
Also saw the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles last night with my sister.
Once again it was cloudy and raining last night, but humid today.
Work went okay other than one or two mistakes and having to go in an hour later due to a slow period.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Burned my neck and scalp worse than I thought yesterday.  But was able to help at video today.  Helped that it was overcast.
Work at Kneaders was normal, though we had some air force air show men come in rather hungry right before I got off.
Heard a funny comment on the walkie talkies the other day I'd nearly forgot about.  I was on the roof ready to film and we were checking the walkies before the start of practice.  Then we hear "Hey guys, thanks for letting me know I'd left my radio on".  My fellow filmer picked up theirs and said "who is this?".  All we got back was "I'm heading up the canyon and didn't realize my radio was still on.  Thanks."  Nothing after that.
Done with finals but anxiously waiting for grades now...

Monday, August 11, 2014

Not. Fun.

Get to work today only to find out that because we'd moved the scissor lift and boom camera to the practice field on saturday the landscaping crew was now mad at us.  Mainly because the scissor lift has tough wheels and dug into the grass quite a bit so they had to fix it.
we tried to remedy the issue by using plywood boards to protect the grass-after we got yelled at twice-and then the stupid boom camera wouldn't work after morning practice!  Gah!
Didn't help that it was very hot and I got a bit sunburned-livable though-because we did a lot of moving around outside-can't help where the football team practices.
Then I found out I'd have to forgo any student loans in order to qualify for works study, and even then its a maybe.  Grr...
Got my math final done, but the calculator I was using didn't want to do the log function so I may have got some wrong...

Saturday, August 9, 2014

That was a Long Day...

Had to get to work by 8 at school, then ran to Kneaders for my shift, and then back to school for a half hour more where I took pictures of the football team for the highlight video-which I'm now focused on there, just haven't done much with yet-using my supervisor's cell phone camera and I think I surprised them.
Just the math final left...

Friday, August 8, 2014


but cool.  My mom wants me to bring home bread from work soon.  Of course this was after she came by with my sister and oldest niece while I was working and my sister 'harassed' me during their stay.
Final is done for english, just have one math quiz and the final next week.  Yay...til fall starts...

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Had a lightning storm after I went to bed last night, which made it hard to get to sleep.  Had a big one actually startle me awake.
So far work's going well, Kneaders I only messed up twice-that needed fixing-and they were okay.
Still need that paper for english due today...

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I'm trying to figure out why my modern american literature teacher brought up the autobiography and other writings of Benjamin Franklin.  We're supposed to cover 1900-1950 period writings.  But I guess they thought it counted.
Got my draft back with comments, so I can work on it for tomorrow.
Just have math homework before the final next week after tomorrow.
And more work today...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Some Good, Some Bad.

Got my first paycheck from Kneaders, which helps a lot.  Plus I think I managed to avoid any mistakes at work today.
But then I messed up big yesterday with video, so I couldn't do much today-which was okay given i had to leave for Kneaders anyway.  Still Grrrr...
Second to last day of english class, and I'm one book short on the reading.  Trying to get them done before the test thursday...
Stormy now.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Not Good...

The rain last night cooled things off a bit for my first day of video stuff, but the sun came out enough to make it uncomfortable.  Plus standing on a roof six stories off the ground doesn't help.  Raining now...
Couldn't sleep last night, and apparently none of my coworkers did either. Grr...

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Was doing my typical saturday cleaning and had to vacuum around my mom  she told me I was doing a wonderful job while moving so I could get where she sat, and to try and get a grin I asked Would you like me to vacuum you feet as well?
Was not expecting the bark of laughter, but she declined anyway.
Of course this was after I got home from work.  Was very tired this morning too, which did not help.
Did much better on that math test, but still not where I'd like it to be.

Friday, August 1, 2014


Trying to work two work schedules together is not fun.  My food place one has me working most days for the next two weeks, and my video one wants me to work the same times.  I can't do both. Sheesh.
Exam two score is up, so I can go see what I got.  Really hope its better than one. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Enter the Work Zone...

Working a lot next week, and covering for someone else tomorrow.  My feet hurt.  Need better shoes, or sole inserts for my current pair as they have little left.
School's going at least, yet I've somehow got a pell grant which the school told me I had too many credits for.  So how does that work?
Haven't got paid yet, or heard about my grade for that last math test...
Got a draft for the paper done though.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rather Not do That Again...

Had to run to school early yesterday so I could take my math test and drop off the financial aid stuff I wasn't able to monday-barely made both fit in...-before going to class.
Did not get my paper done in time to get it in for a pre-critique, but I hope to have it by thursday.
Still raining today-or last night so everything's still wet.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


It's raining!  And it rained a bit yesterday too-of course that was when I was walking to my car after my video job training-so things are cooler today.
My sister and brother seem to think I have better luck with certain online games that I've never played.  They've both had me play a level for them during the past two days.  I only had one bit of luck for the first time, and not much since.
Trying to get my paper going, my online english class finally graded the last three assignments, and I still have that math test...

Monday, July 28, 2014


For some reason I can't access my school email account.  Worked fine saturday...
Still no word on financial aid as to whether i qualify for work study, so I'll have to go talk to them.  Have training for the video job today anyway.
Need to get my modern american lit paper started today...
And I have a math test this week...

Saturday, July 26, 2014

She Got Them!

My mom likes to set up a hummingbird feeder every year so she can watch and photo them.  She got one up thursday or yesterday-not sure which-, and she got some today.  My brothers keep scaring them off.
Got two thirds of my math stuff done, and the cake for my sister's coworker frosted and picked up.  Hope they like it...

Friday, July 25, 2014


Still waiting for word on the work study stuff for my in school job.  Sigh. 
A friend at my sister's work asked me to make a carrot cake for their father's birthday.  Cake's done, did it last night.  Now I need to frost and decorate it.
Zucchini in our garden is going wild as usual.  Tomato's are slower, but getting there.  Peppers have started, but the corn needs a week or so.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Pioneer Day!

Yep, its that time again.  Out of Utah people can't get the day off like in Utah people do, but they can still celebrate it if they want to.
President Monson was in the parade!  My parents feared the new camera people skipped over him but they didn't.
Kind of cloudy today, afraid the fires are the cause...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Have to take a bunch of online stuff for my new job.  Kind of wish they'd mentioned it to me at work, but the emailing works.  Just surprised me.  Work to day went well.  Other than two things I messed up-easily fixed, thankfully-I'm getting the hang of it.
My online teacher graded an assignment due today yesterday, but I still submitted it.  Just need to get math done.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I don't know how the character does it in Turner and Hooch, but no matter how many times I've painted I get it at least on my hands and clothes.  Avoided getting it in my hair this time.
Had two weird dreams yesterday and today, one regarding the whole end of the world thing, today's covered a strange mark on the wall I painted yesterday.  What's up with that?

Monday, July 21, 2014


I don't think they expected that much of a response for the million names indexed challenge going from 6 p.m. yesterday to 6 p.m. today.  I was barely able to get a batch and submit it, and none of my siblings or either parent could.  Felt bad about that, plus I managed to download two extra batches in the process-not sure how.  I just did the one though, hoping if I got off quickly they'd be able to get in.
Forgot last week that my teacher and a classmate had a interesting encounter tuesday and thursday.  the classmate promised to bring drinks tuesday and completely forgot.  they came to class early that same day to apologize.  The teacher admitted to having a bit of fun with it, and then felt really bad thursday when said classmate showed up an hour or so early with five bottles of martinelli's sparkling juice.  The teacher went and grabbed two little Caesar's pizza's to try and make up to them for it.
I think they forgot that the teacher said not to try and 'one up' each time with what said student brings, though the classmate was simply making up for their lapse.  It was fun anyway.
Had loads of cloud cover yesterday, with some of nature's fireworks to go with it.  A city close by got rain, but we just got the thunder. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014


My feet hurt.  Another four hour shift today, and I had to get my assigned room clean before going.  Which I did.
Spent yesterday morning picking apricots with my second youngest brother, as well as picking up the not yet squashed ones on the ground.  Not many salvageable from there.  Made a heavy mess in the bucket I was using though.
We also have tomato's starting to ripen! Yay!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

1st Day

Always nerve wracking, no matter what my experience regarding the new job.  I will admit, I know a bit more about food chain stores than any other job I've done recently, but Kneader's is a bit more complicated than my previous ones in that area.
Have to wear a hat, as expected, and a hairnet.  They provide the shirt, which is rather nice in my opinion-the shirt, not providing it though that is nice too-so I didn't have to find something.
Next training is saturday.  Fun...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Blegh, sweating rather bad today.  Managed to get a whole row free of weeds-might have missed the smaller ones-before it got too hot.  then my brother tried to overheat his car on his way to something job related and I had to run him some coolant. That car is dying...
Went to my married sister's house for dinner before-and after- class.  We had my brother in laws specialty ribs for dinner with some potatoes.  got home rather late as my sister-not married-wanted to finish playing a video game level.
Have a small stack of paper to read through before work tomorrow...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

That Was Cool.

We went to Buffalo Wild wings for my birthday yesterday, and the server came by with a flashing red light-like a police car-and a microphone to announce my birthday and give me a large piece of almost dark chocolate cake with ice cream.  They called out my name and the age I am now, and asked everyone to say happy birthday with them. The response was mainly from my table despite the large amount of customers, so the server proclaimed that 'okay, that was lame, lets try again' and got a much better response.  The cake and ice cream was great too.
We kind of had a micro burst-without the rain-when we were leaving, so things were flying around a bit.  Watched Studio C videos after that.
Got a call this morning-Got the Kneaders job!  Start thursday.  Glad I took the food handlers test last week, now I just need to print off the temporary one today.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me...

Not that 26 is anything big.  But still.
Hot today, as usual. Instead of weeding, we cleaned out the garage so my dad could park his car in there again.  My brother has a interview at Domino's today.  Delivery driver.
Helped a family friend drop off a car for their child at work.  Didn't want them walking home in this heat.  They also gave us a smores kit.
Dad did the graduation thing saturday, which I think he had fun with despite his protests about doing it in the first place.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Now That Might Help...

Its raining during the day, so the humidity should drop the temp a bit.  Doctor's visit was quick, they think the lump is from a scratch or something and should heal in a few days.  I guess we'll see.
Just got through cleaning my room-had a long spiderweb from my window to my fan so I went and vacuumed the whole room-ceilings and walls-to get rid of it.
Need to finish math, but otherwise done for the week...

Thursday, July 10, 2014


The rain last night still didn't cool things down at all.  Just made mud. Sigh.  my brother came in from weeding with mud smeared on his hands, feet-he went out barefoot-, and shirt.
Choir rehearsal went well last night, though we practiced every song at least twice save the last one-and on that one the conductor kept messing us up when we were trying to do it right.  So they let us just finish running through it after noting the mistakes.  Still ran past the time we were supposed to end due to the closing social.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Clouds Are back

And all they are doing is making it humid.  Sigh.  Going to watch my nieces until I have choir-about 5:30 or so.  Got the reading done for my nature writing class.
My sister lost one of her electrical devices and I took a break from reading to look for it. No luck.
My corn is growing, but only a small part.  Wonder if the birds got to it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Yes! and Ugh...

I passed the food handler test with 87% on the first try!  I can download the certificate for now until they send me a permanent-for three years-one.
Of course mother nature stepped in with a vengeance last night and this morning.  Not sure why, but it took an hour of weeding before I could sit without feeling worse.
It's way too hot...

Monday, July 7, 2014


I discovered yesterday that I have some kind of lump in my right eye, which would explain the constant feeling that I have something stuck in there.
Managed to make both of m,y sister's cakes work for the party yesterday, thought the one preferred the carrot cake and said I put to much lemon in the cake roll.  Given the cake roll is something I'd never tried before, I can understand it having a few 'bugs'.  The cake itself was more like a cracker anyway.
Got halfway through my food handler's course, now I get to finish.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Happy Independence Day!  But both the fourth and today are hot.
Ran the 5k, and now my knees are mad-forgot I need the braces for that...-along with my legs as I also helped set up our new pool after clearing the area for it.  Haven't used it yet, though three of my siblings did.
Now I need to get through the food handlers permit class I signed up for on Thursday...

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Was hoping for a bit that the clouds this morning would drop some rain and cool things off, but they just 'made the heat wet' as the nurse said in Rear Window.
Transplanted a bunch of tomato plants that were invading the corn rows, but I'm not sure they enjoyed the change.  Here's hoping they survive.
I'm hot...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


That wasn't the best idea.  One should make sure when adjusting a chair that one's feet-in this case my right middle toe-are not under any of the legs.  Didn't break anything, but bruised it rather well and took off enough skin to let it bleed pretty good.  Plus wearing shoes isn't much fun...
My second job interview went well, but I don't hear on that until next week.  Have some homework due today that I need to finish reading for-couldn't concentrate after the toe smashing.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Got a job this morning, but it doesn't start til august 1 and I'm pretty sure it's another temporary one.  Sigh...
At least its a job.  Have another interview this afternoon which should be a more long term job.  If I get it (fingers crossed)...
My dad thinks I can exercise six day of the week.  Given how sore I am from yesterday's, that's not the best idea right now...

Monday, June 30, 2014


Got another half a row planted this morning.  Of course its heating up again despite the rain last week.  Still no job...

Saturday, June 28, 2014

And the Heat is Back...

Though it was cool this morning.  Managed to get my brother to help me plant more in our garden while he was weeding.
Got quite the downpour yesterday, so couldn't really do it then.  I did use the time to get my math stuff done.  But now I'm a bit worn out...

Friday, June 27, 2014

Thats Better

It rained last night-and of course started raining as my brother and I went out to weed the family garden despite the broken cloud cover-so things cooled down quite a bit.  Reminds me of that older movie Rear Window I watched last semester, but the rain in that movie only made it humid rather than cool things down.
My modern american literature teacher had a different definition of art: What a person does in order to die sane.
Got a math quiz to do and some homework.  Just waiting for the rain so I can weed.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Got a migraine after weeding yesterday.  Had to take a pain pill so I could do my homework.  Didn't make it to choir because I wasn't feeling well. Sigh.
Rather humid/muggy today.  Supposed to rain, which might cool things off a bit...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Tried to weed this morning and kept getting dizzy.  Got some done though.  Just had to avoid standing up to rapidly.
New class started yesterday, with a teacher I've had before.  They started class the same way as last time, so I was a bit bored.
Was really late to my interview-couldn't find the place and had to call them about it-so I'm not sure how well it went.  Sigh...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I'm tired.  We went to see a lat night showing of Captain America last night, and got home well after midnight.  Still like the movie.
Have my interview today, so I'm taking a shower before I go.  Then my new class starts tonight.  This should be fun.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Blood Donations

Are a bit nerve wracking because sometimes they really hurt while others its more of the 'pinch' sensation.  Kind of depends on the tech and their level of practice I think.
Getting warm very fast today.  Ugh...
Have some reading to do, and a paper to write from the reading.  Other than math that's it for today...

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Not Again...

Got a nasty headache again. Not feeling too great either.  Maybe I didn't drink enough yesterday, or maybe I was watching too much t.v.  Would be a first.  Got roped into babysitting my nieces for a few hours, then my sister made my brothers and I dinner.
Ah well, got first exam score for math, but I haven't looked at it yet.

Friday, June 20, 2014


junk emails that keep showing up in my in box.  Something about you've won money type thing.  Never answer them, and even mark them as spam but every so often I get another one.
Got my last novel class assignment done, just have to get it to the teacher.  And print it out first...

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Its back to being hot...and my class is over save my last assignment for novel writing.  That shouldn't be too hard.
But the heat made weeding harder.  My legs are sore.
Choir last night was hard.  My gut was sore from that.
Whats up with all the construction around here?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Got yet another 'thanks but no thanks' letter from a job I applied for.  Getting really tired of that.  Better news is that I now have an interview from a different job set up for next week.
Final day of class for my novel genre class.  We did a reading of a short story or chapter we'd written during class.  I read a short I did from a prompt where the main character is in a awkward situation when they heard someone breaking into their house, and then you retell in from the invader's pint of view.  The teacher liked the transition between the two.
cloudy again, with a sprinkle in the morning.  Rather chill with a breeze too.  Got my scooter back!  Poor dad froze driving it home for me...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Now Its Raining.

Heavily, I might add.  my nieces are still here, due to their parents needing more time.  Both have to work today as well.
We lost power last night too, for about two hours.  I had to go pick up my brother right after it went off.  Glad I keep a led flashlight next to my bed.

Monday, June 16, 2014


rain clouds but not a lot coming down.  Babysitting my nieces for the day, and just got the older one to lay down for a nap.
Last paper turned in, but have to get a packet together for wednesday-though she gave us til friday for it.  Usual reading for the online class, and go get my scooter-give them a bit of advice while I'm there about telling their customers before doing stuff-and then just have my first math test.  Nothing big.
Gave my dad a cross stitched card for Father's Day. 
Why are heels supposed to be fancy?  I always feel like I'm walking on eggshells during and my ankles want to roll afterwards.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Do so many employers want a pre-employment test regarding one's personality?  Wouldn't the interview cover that?
Only have math left for the weekend.  Still need to finish my Father's Day present.  Things were a lot cooler this morning, but an hour of weeding still whipped me out.  Sigh...

Friday, June 13, 2014


Hot yesterday, hot this morning too.  Did a lot of weeding for both.  Had a nice micro-burst last night, which cooled things off for a bit.  My parents heard there was a small earthquake in a town south of us and wanted to make sure things were okay.  We didn't notice.
Trying to work on my last paper for my novel workshop class.  Got an idea, but need to flesh it out.
Finally heard that my scooter is ready for pickup, then found out they went and did a whole lot more than the rear brake and tire fix I'd asked them to do.  Supposed to be $200 max from the original estimate, and now they're charging me $350 or so for repairs I never asked them to do, and they didn't tell me they were doing.  I knew some of the stuff wasn't in good shape, but I was either going to leave it or do it myself. Grr.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Didn't get to bed early like I wanted to, so I'm still tired.  Hot today.  Got my stuff in for class.  And filled out a job application.
Have to find a book for my online class and read it by tonight.  Short according to the teacher.

Monday, June 9, 2014


I get a headache if I don't drink enough water-aka 5 large glasses minimum.  And it takes a while to go away if I try to ignore it without drinking more.
Got all my homework in, just have to get some last minute stuff done for my book presentation.  Can't even remember the name of the author who wrote The Day of the Triffids.  Book didn't have any info on them either.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

That Was Fun...

YSA yearly retreat for the past three days. Left Wednesday and got back today.  My second youngest brother and my sister both got to ride a horse.  We helped the resort manager-we stayed at a  resort instead of camping this time-with two projects.  Laying sod-after clearing the rocks and debris-by the kitchen area, then clearing out the old gravel and bark from a pretty waterfall area and laying new stuff.  That one took about 2.5 hours.
Lot of very large moths up there-mountain resort-that my sister got pictures of.  Started my dad's Father's  Day present but still needs work.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


of babysitting your 3 year and not quite 7 month old nieces when you've got homework-getting on the computer is to be avoided and most of said homework needs it.
Plus my dad's cat and I collided this morning and I got two scratches as a result.  I'm kind of glad, given how old she is, and things would have been worse had she got hurt.  Not that I like the pain though.  Had fun trying to get band aid's on them, as it's on my foot.

Monday, June 2, 2014


Had my story reviewed today. I am so far described as ambitious, and not quite up to my own challenge.  But with a little work I can make it all fit. Or something like that.
Had my hair in a braid all weekend and took it out today.  The heat is making it go flat anyway...

Saturday, May 31, 2014

I'm Doing it Again...

Trying to convince myself that I have more homework than I actually do.  I only have to worry about work-shopping six stories by monday instead of the additional stuff I'd thought I'd have to do-read a chapter in the text, write a short from a prompt from the same text.  Usual stuff.  But i checked the syllabus and the teacher doesn't have anything beyond the workshop stuff listed.  Okay...

Friday, May 30, 2014


My brother was up til 3 a.m. this morning, so I had to wake him up at about 11.  Still has the bags under his eyes from it.
Dinner was nice last night, but I didn't sleep all that well myself.  Got homework...

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Are boring, but at the same time kind of funny.  Take my brother's high school one this morning.  They specifically say not to cheer or clap during the diploma presentation to prevent blocking out the next candidates name.  They still do it anyway.
Even after they repeated the phrase, and added no noisemakers, there were still people cheering after certain graduates.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Oh Man...

Somehow missed the writing part of today's assignment.  Supposed to do one of the typical 1-3 page exercises and I didn't.  Thankfully it wasn't critical, but I'd rather not do that...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day!

Wow, it was hot yesterday.  My family walked to the cemetery where both of my grandpa's and one of my grandmothers are buried.  Not to mention two uncles and an aunt-I think-.  A good three mile walk though.  Took our dogs with us and they kind of needed a break on the way home.
Then my sister and I spent two and a half hours weeding the garden-hate morning glory-wearing jeans and swimsuits.  Both of us got a line of sunburn where the suits slid down while we were bent over.  Figures.
Barbecue at my aunts was fun, save I was really worn out by that point.
Have two stories to read, six reviews to write, and still have a 3-4 page paper to do as well.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Saturdays seems to have a lot of it around my house. Mainly because we are cleaning most of the day and the dust gets thrown around.  We got a new vacuum that takes most of it out of the air, but nothing is perfect at it.
Cleaned my room too, and found a loose board under my bed that i had to wrestle back into place.  Supposed to rain today...

Friday, May 23, 2014


My brother got in trouble with my parents, now everyone's mad again.  But i managed to convince the boys to weed the garden for a good half hour-in the case of the youngest-before they went inside.
Not much homework to do, just math and an english paper.  So far no word on the job situation...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Had to buy another textbook due to how my online course is going.  Paid my parents rent for the month, as i don't think I've done it yet.  Woke up last night with that eerie feeling of bugs crawling over me.  Vacuumed the bed this morning anyway.
Another assignment I need to do today, then I'm good.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Here We Go...

Just sent in an application for a job in the school district where my dad works.  Not as complicated as some I've filled out, but certainly not the least.
Lots of homework for today and tomorrow...
My brother graduated from seminary yesterday.  Kind of fun, as my YSA ward was serving the treats.  Not me, but I knew the people there.

Friday, May 16, 2014


My eyes are still tired.  My parents had a funeral today, so my dad was still home when I got up.  Got 83% on my first math quiz though.
Also got my english stuff done. The 3350 homework that is.
Then I had my interview, which was a 45 minute drive, but that was to the main office, not where I'd be working.  If I get the job that is.
Helped my parents get my brother's car back so he's not calling them at 11 for a ride.  My sister is really sore...

Thursday, May 15, 2014


There is a kind of rainbow ring around the sun right now-or at least two hours ago there was.  Got a picture on my phone, but hurt my eyes a bit doing it.  Now clouds are moving in.  Wonder if sun rings mean anything the way moon rings do...
Couldn't find the event I was volunteering for, so I ended up coming back home. Sigh...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day of the Triffids

An old book about the world going blind due to some kind of meteor shower thing and then getting swamped by beings called Triffids.  Think of venus fly traps standing over seven feet tall that have three roots and a couple of slender 'leaves' that rattle around the base of the stem.  These plants can uproot themselves at full growth and go for humans using a lethal 'sting' of venom they project for about three feet.  I'm reading the thing for english class.  Funny thing is, the teacher told me it was scary.  After watching World War Z-which is very similar save it's plants and blindness rather than zombies-its not that scary.  Definitely creepy though.
Have another interview, but it's quite a ways down south so I'm not too keen on the job.  Math quiz coming up...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Well, finally heard back from the art teacher about fall classes, but they would rather I take the prerequisite first.  They did ask why I want to take both, so there is still hope.
Math is on its way, got the online english done, just have the stuff for tomorrow to worry about. Sigh...

Monday, May 12, 2014


Mine seems like she overdid given the amount of siblings I have, but she managed us fairly well in my opinion.  Gave her two pictures of my niece for mothers day, though my sister and I are kidnapping her for a late gift tomorrow.
It was crazy windy last night, hope my grandma got home okay.  She and several of my dad's siblings came by for dinner yesterday.  Gram didn't want any pictures as she has her own coming.
Got my second youngest brother hooked on a song I heard at my brother's triathlon on saturday called Wave Your Flag.  He's playing it right now.  Fun song. My youngest brother competed with his young men's group and managed to finish rather well I think.
Got math today, and english due wednesday...
Interview tomorrow!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Very Tired Today.

Still have one assignment for monday to do, but I'm blank on that one.  Supposed to create two characters who find themselves on opposite spectrum's.  Say one just got a new job at the same time the other got fired.  Can only think of one character, and not sure where to go with that...

Friday, May 9, 2014


Gotta love cramps.  Couldn't sleep much last night thanks to that.  Raining still, really heavy this morning but it's tapered off now.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Not a good idea to play them when you have other stuff to do. At least my homework isn't due til next week, so no rush, but I'd rather not get into a very bad habit at the start of the semester.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Oh, Good.

Found out that the texts I'd gotten for my cancelled class are the same for the fall one, so I can keep them.  Left in a bit of a hurry, and forgot my water bottle entirely.  Also left my homework on the printer.  My brother kindly brought it to me despite it making him late for job training.
Rain and hail so far today.  Hail actually stuck for a bit on the lawns and flowerbeds.  Made it cold again.

Monday, May 5, 2014

And so It Begins...Again

Yep, summer semester started today.  My literary genres teacher says they are giving us a lot of homework, but after last semester they are fairly moderate.  Brought a water bottle and promptly forgot it in my truck.  Classes were fun, given I had three classmates from last semester in this class.  One of my committee members was in my institute class.
Got home and my sister had misplaced her phone.  I found this out when I found it on the bathroom counter.  It's been a day for that...

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Another One.

Yep, another weird dream last night.  This time I was doing some kind of 5k around my university with two backpacks-one regular and the other one of those rope strap bag type things-and then I had my mother's dog Indie under one arm with my cat Midnight under the other.  Then I let Midnight go and lost Indie and ran into my parents while looking for him.  And then my sister's dog Goob woke me up by whining because he was locked in a room by himself.

Friday, May 2, 2014


Got my photography grade.  That one was the expected A.  So my GPA is now a 2.74.  Keep getting these weird emails about winning a cash prize for something.
Had a weird dream yesterday morning and another this morning.  Yesterday's was a repeat I think, given I recognized the film story that provided the 'background' of the dream.  I was going to my aunt and uncles house-nearly got run over by my cousin walking up their driveway-and they had this movie on about a boy with a varsity jacket who has these tall plants-like from Jack the Giant Killer, only a lighter green and smaller leaves-grow all over his hometown.  The plants seem to come after him and in the end they 'catch' him as he goes up to four that have merged.
I'd don't remember much of today's though.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


My brother came home yesterday with bad news.  I don't have my photography final grade yet, and I'm not eligible for further financial aid.  figures.  I'm this close and running out of funds.  Might have to settle for more loans.  And finding a good job would be nice...

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


A C+ in visual studies, a B+ in linquistics, and a straight C in Japanese!  The only grade I still haven't got is Photography, and we took the final ahead of everyone else!  Figures...

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Not Good...

Found out one of the classes I registered for for summer semester got canceled so I had to find a new one to cover it.  Doesn't count for my major, but still works for me.  Still No Word on Spring semester final grades! Gah!

Monday, April 28, 2014


Got the score for my final exam-not as good as I'd like, but better than test 2 was.  I'm at a solid 72% for my final grade, but they haven't submitted it yet so no for sure grade.  Still nothing for any of my other classes either.  Figures..

Saturday, April 26, 2014


raining and no further word on the four ungraded classes for spring semester.  Got my scooter to a repair shop for the tire and rear brake to be worked on.  My dad's trying to get the oil changed in his car and my mom's.  Driving my truck with a trailer on it was rather unsettling.

Friday, April 25, 2014


Doing a full workout after a few months tends to hurt.  Even though my most recent job helped me keep some of the muscle I'd still lost a bit.  Now my pectorals are sore.  My thighs and biceps are too, but not as much.  No further grades in, sigh...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I'm Done!

for the semester anyway.  Got my last final in today.  And sold back all the books I could from this semester as well.  They took back Hundred Years of Solitude, which I don't want, Crime and Punishment which I finished, but not Soul Mountain, Cry the Beloved country, or Snow Country.  Got rid of everything else though.  So far I got an A- in world lit -Yes!- and an A- in critical approaches to literature, so two are very good so far.  Waiting on the other four...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Only One Left!

Of my finals.  Looks like an A for english 3080, but no other grades are finalized.  Did rather well on my japanese final I think, mainly thanks to a friend who stuied with me for about 45 minutes before the test. Arigato Gozaimous Tomodachi! yes, that's japanese for you.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


With full cloud cover but no rain.  Wind keeps changing directions though.  My mom got a flat tire at work today.
Down to the last two finals for the semester!  No more homework-for about two weeks.  Saw the Second Captain America movie, which I like rather well.  You do have to stay for the end of the credits though.
they were doing a blood drive today and I didn't dare donate given my allergies.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Oh Dear

They talked my world lit teacher into giving us a take home test for the final instead of the 9 a.m. on they'd planned for wednesday.  We have to turn it in tomorrow though.  At least it'll be over with.
Speaking of over with, I'm feeling much better today.  Just a cough from my dry throat and the occasional need to blow my nose.  Can actually smell things now.
Came home and one set of sprinklers was still on-I'd seen them spurting when I left-and a nice pond growing in the middle of that area.  Ha d to call my dad to find out how to shut it off.
So I've got two final's to work on today...

Saturday, April 19, 2014


My allergies had to kick in right before finals week.  And they won't go away.  At least I was able to get all the major stuff done for this week.  Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Well, not quite.

Still have a test for art, but not until next thursday.  Have a test for linguistics which she said we were not going to do and now we are, so I have to rush my english 3080 final so I can drop it off at noon on tuesday.  Got back my paper draft with her opinion, so I can get that done and then move to my world lit paper.
Not too much of a rush with that paper though, as I've got tomorrow morning if I need it to finish it up.  Just don't want to leave it for too long.
Didn't get any pictures printed, but I sold back two of my textbooks and got some cash back for it.  And a bag of skiddles.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I tried so hard to study for my conversation test today but as usual my mind went blank when I entered the room with the teacher to actually do it.  And I'd even spent a good 30-35 minutes practicing with a classmate before that.  But it's done, at least.  Hope I pass the class anyway...
Two finals tomorrow, which will take the burden off a bit.  The art one I think I'm good on, but the Linguistics one is up in the air.  Though that one's not really a final.  She just wants a last minute class session before the end of term.  We are doing stuff, just not a real test.
And of course I have a paper for art due tomorrow that I got mostly done yesterday, just need to type and go over.  And then go over my world lit paper after that.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Last day..

at work.  Kinda fun and kinda sad at the same time.  My coworkers were teasing me about getting calls for 'lady liberty' during my break.  But that jobs over now.
Spent the evening with my sister and nieces, despite being very hungry and having my leg cramp a lot.
When I got home my computer wasn't working with the internet somehow so I'm on the one my brother usually uses.  No homework, but I have my conversation test tomorrow.
Got three pictures printed for my final today, so I only need one more, though I may do more than that.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Saw a cute little girl on my way to school this morning.  I think she was about 6 months, riding in the stroller her mother was pushing towards me.  She waved, so I grinned and waved back.
Then I go and forget my water bottle in world lit so I had to run back and get it and then rush to work.  Cold enough that my lungs hurt from it.
Have a test to do, so I'll get to that.

Friday, April 11, 2014


That's the strangest name I've heard of for a internet hack, but I guess they have their reasons.  Kinda scary though, given both my university and gmail are listed as affected.  Figures.
Went to Kneaders for breakfast with my institute committee and tried their sourdough pancakes.  Not bad, but they are huge.  barely finished the three I was given.  And they had those on endless refills.  The men had another competition over who could eat the most french toast-record is five, but today the winner didn't even finish his fourth-and one of the other women told me I should count my pancakes as six french toast given how much bigger and denser it was than the toast.  The men didn't agree.
I am sore.  The new sign is not that much heavier, but after four hours it makes a big impact.
School was normal though I was cramming last minute to get the kanji for the quiz down.  Didn't, but did better than I might have thanks to a classmate lending me their study aids-cutouts of each kanji with their english translation and then with combinations-before class started.  English was the last of the presentations, and the friend who sits next to me was admitting to their own nerves.
Got my draft back from my world lit teacher, and they gave me notes along with a short letter about what they thought so far.
Work was dealing with dying headphones-starting cutting out yesterday, and today couldn't hold the volume-and watching the Papa Murphy's sign waver try to toss and sign their sign only to drop it-at least three times.  Plus cars of little kids yelling and waving at me, my parents borrowing my truck and then bringing it back-my mom joked that it was a stick up and I needed to surrender my keys when they came to get it-and they then meeting my manager.
My parents got bugs this week, my dad got pinkeye and my mom got some stomach bug, and my brother nearly caught it.  Do not need to get sick right now...

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Getting Warmer

Was really sweating today because I was stupid and wore a sweater type shirt.  Rolled up the sleeves, and the breeze was very nice, but still stupid.  Had a crazy dream last night where my older married sister was over at our house for some reason, it was 10 a.m. but dark outside-like midnight dark-and I had to go to school for some reason.  We were trying to have family prayer and she found one of those old green chalkboards and was showing us how to write a prayer in some japanese arabic script mix.  I was taking notes and had written 'sorry' above them.
Art we just watched Rear Window again, after discussing the reading for the week.  Linguistics class ran late again, so I had to walk out while she was talking in order to get to work on time.  Still have Japanese homework.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Getting There

Less than two weeks before finals, and that week usually ends early.  I really want a break right now...Got my first draft into my world lit teacher, so hopefully I'll know what else to do with it on friday.  Japanese was normal, though I had to get my homework done this morning again.  I really don't like doing that.
They were doing a club carnival in the waterfall area and union building today.  Kind of fun, but made getting anywhere tricky.
Work was warm again, and I was sweating through my shirt for most of it.  Even with the nice strong breeze that blew through and tried stealing my hat.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Its warming up, but sweating at work isn't all that fun.  Good for weight loss though.
English paper and presentation is done and in.  Trying to get more done for my world lit one.  My linguistic teacher made it to class on time so we got a lot more than usual done.  Test got moved to thursday though.
Japanese needs to get done too, but there's not a lot of that.  Art is watching a movie.  And old Alfred Hitchcock film called Rear Window.  Rather funny, with a fresh view of a twist in plot.  Or rather an old one I've not seen used in more recent films.  We get to watch it thursday too, and then write a paper on it for next week.

Monday, April 7, 2014


My presentation is done!  Now I just need to get the works cited page for my paper-and do a quick edit-and turn it in.  Funny, to start my presentation I had everyone close their eyes and then I slammed a book on the table in front of me.  It was both to gain their attention and a representation of the books I used-Hidden Talents and True Talents by David Lubar using Queer Theory-so it worked rather well.  The only question I got was if there was a third book.  Be nice if there was, but the two are good without.
Work was a bit hot for once.  I was sweating towards the end.  Japanese is getting a bit crammed.  Quiz meant for wednesday had to be shifted to friday.  Still need to start the kanji homework that's due friday as well.
Other than that, I'm on track.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Almost There...

Got five pages done for my 3080 paper.  Did get my handout printed so the teacher can copy it for me.  Still had a headache this morning and it's finally fading now.  Took that assessment thing for Japanese-which of course they covered something from an earlier part of class so I could barely understand what I was reading.  Much less respond well.
My poor friend from 3080 and linguistics got sick three days this week and missed a bit.  They get sick a lot sadly.
A friend from world lit thought I was in their spanish class and asked me if that class had been canceled.  Funny thing was, during that class-world lit-some student was trying to either stand up on the sidewalk railing outside the classroom or walk on it.  They could get up on it but fell off rather quickly.  Towards the end of class they were joined by another student.  Some speculated that they were practicing that par core stuff.
Windy during work, so I lost my head thing a few times and banged my shins again.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Well, I Think That Went Well

The discussion in art today.  We first had to write a 500 word minimum paper and then come to class and further discuss it.  Did not help that two out of four groups only had one or two people at best while the others had a full deck.
Snowed today, but then warmed up enough that the road was steaming at work.  Had to wear my coat the first two hours of work then take it off for the last part.  Then had a group of teenagers with a cell phone camera drive by and honk the horn of the full size truck they were in to startle me.
Japanese homework and need to at least get my handout for english 3080 done tonight...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Yep, the snow melted and then I got hailed on at work.  Figures.  But that melted too.  Cold either way.
Had to go ask where to turn in that consumer survey I did over the weekend.  My classmate went with me as they'd done it as well.
I'm asked to do an assessment on my Japanese class sometime this week.  they want to know how effective the teaching is.  Not sure if I'm a good candidate for that...
Paper due tomorrow for art that I've barely started...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

That, My Friends, Was not Snow.

Nearly horizontal and a white out is a blizzard.  Didn't last long, or at least wasn't going were I work thankfully.  Still snowing there though.  Cleared up a bit before I got off-they let me leave early due to getting my shoes wet again-and now another set is coming in.  Glad I'm done traveling for the day.
My sister dropped by to get her tax return filed and such.  She teased me about my choice of footwear-yes, I wore sneakers-when I came in to warm up for a bit.
Been getting my japanese homework done  at school because I have time and it's been getting easier to remember the words and such.  Got started on my world lit paper but I'm only up to two pages.

Monday, March 31, 2014

It Snowed. Again.

At least I didn't have to work this time, but it froze last night so I had fun scrapping off my windshield this morning.  Cloudy, but doesn't seem like the clouds will do anything.  I think my truck finally realized that it had got an oil change because it's sounding a bit better today.  Either that or it's in shock from the return to cold.  the snow stuck to the grass but not the roads thankfully.
My art teacher started posting our grades from older assignments today, so I have a better idea of how I stand there.  Got the reading done for that class just now.
Had a high school student flirt with me at work and then try to get my phone number with the other 3-4 boys in the truck egging him on.  I enjoy the compliment, but I'm a little bit older than they think.

Friday, March 28, 2014

My Heart Can't Take Anymore...Junk Food?

This was a joke I shared with a classmate.  During the first set of presentations in english 3080 today a classmate brought cupcakes.  I asked a different classmate which kind they'd gotten and they answered me with the above statement-minus the last two words.  I added them to which we both laughed.
Changed the marquee today with the help of three committee members.  Two boys and one girl, so they boys decided it should be a 'race' of boys verses girls.  The girls won, but the boys complained that the other girl-who'd been giving us the letters to put up-couldn't do both at once and so he had to wait for his 'partner'.  He still had to straighten the letters after I'd finished, and he nearly caught up to me twice.  Made it go a lot faster than usual.
My parents and siblings were doing tree trimming today, so I went to help drag the branches out to our woodpile.  One of the bushes they trimmed had burst into bright yellow blossoms and after dragging most of those over to the pile I commented to my mom that we'd 'set the pile on fire' with them.  Then I grabbed the camera and Elicia and took a picture of her on top of the pile.  Thought it'd be funny in class tomorrow.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm Feeling a Bit Burned out Right Now...

and I've still got those two papers to write.  Totally bombed my japanese test, like I feared, but I got 19.5 out of 20 on the following quiz, so I'm still 2% over where I need to be to pass.  Turned in my linguistics test, and took my art 1040 one today.  Had to skip one question because I couldn't remember the answer at all.  Figures.
My mom suggested I start wearing sunblock, and then wednesday it rains and today we got snow-and it stuck.  Not cool getting to work on time, especially since people forgot the no stop on hills when going up rule and I nearly got stuck twice.  Was five minutes late because of traffic...
During linguistics today there was a lot of thunder.  One I swear shook the building and gave all of us a good scare.  A second came later, but didn't rattle things that time.
My sister got me reading The Alloy of Law, which is a more lighthearted foray into the Mistborn world.  Finished that tuesday evening.