Monday, February 29, 2016


Last week was kind of crazy, so I didn't get anything past the 22.  Lighting was a group project that we nearly finished-after my group had to wait for the other two to finish so we could move on to what they were doing.  Reason we didn't finish was twofold: first we ran out of time, and second the lights we were using required a battery pack and that ran out of juice before we really got started. Figures.
Group teaching presentation on tuesday that was fun, though I was running around finishing the latest project for experimental before and after.  They really liked the glow stick thing.  And who doesn't know about Dr. Seuss-the activity I was in charge of-so that made them a bit more interested.
The presentations on wednesday went well too, with my photo's for experimental being more consistent than the first one.  The seminar class liked my new direction just as much as the teacher.  Now I have to continue and follow where it goes.
Didn't get my group project done-we tried to meet but just didn't get there early enough-but it was okay.  The teacher knew we weren't done-still are not-and we actually cleaned up the studio and then worked on the class project.  We had to each come up with an idea and then decide on one person's.  Wound up with a witch burning scene that should use the entire class and maybe a few extras. I'm going to be a falsely accused witch screaming in pain while the real witch is being creepy nearby-still in debate as to whether she's tied to a stake as well, or in the crowd-and there's another false witch also burning with me.  Not going to really burn us, but they may use a real fire in front.
Got to visit a school-junior high, makes me think of a Studio C episode-friday, so I was busy then too.  Was fun.  Sat in on a photography class that had a sub, and an english teacher who just finished their three year trial run.  Arranged to go back this friday to finish that set.
Saturday was evil wild rose bush trimming, which means my hands look like I tried to corner a wild cat as gloves don't work for me.
At least I've got the pictures I want to use for the book project in experimental, just have to decide how to print them.  Should be fun.

Monday, February 22, 2016

They Like It!

My seminar teacher got a look at my latest set of contact sheets for my project and they liked the new idea.  Even gave me a few suggestions for which ones to print.  Didn't do all of the ones they suggested, but I did print a few, as well as some of my own pick.  But that's a good sign.  Plus I like the way this one is going...
Experimental is still holding on, though today was a bit dicey.  Had only two of the four pictures ready and can't find a physical picture to use.  Not to mention I still need one specifically taken for the project. Sigh.  But a classmate was very nice to split the brand new sheet of paper they'd just bought with me after asking if I needed some.  I'd told them that I did, but lacked the funds to get it.  So they bought it and shared.  That classmate just rose quite a few points in my book...
My truck decided to act up over the weekend-may have mentioned it's failure to start before work friday-so saturday I took the battery out to test it.  That wasn't the problem.  Cleaned the terminals and clamps then reconnected it.  It started then, but when I tried to use it for church it failed to start. Sigh.  My dad and second oldest brother very nicley helped me figure out why last night so I could use it for school today.  The positive terminal wiring had gotten gunk under the clamp-which I didn't get to while cleaning saturday-and was opening the circuit and preventing power from reaching the starter.  So once more it was taken apart-further this time-cleaned and put back together. Started fine this morning so hopefully that will be the only problem for now.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Yep, Again.

Wanted to take pictures using a medium format but I don't have the film.  So either I turn it in late, or I use view camera, which is a lot harder to do what I was hoping to.  Figures.  At least I'm trying, just have to figure it out as it supposedly due next wednesday.  I'll find out I guess.
Got a lot of pictures for my new project while going to the new Provo City Center Temple wednesday.  Also got some of the temple and the grounds too, which should be fun to see if they will work for crit.
Crazy snow storm yesterday, with a hail like blizzard one minute and clear skies the next.  Coated the ground then melted partly into a slushy mush which made driving interesting.  Certainly made work a bit chaotic.
Got set up to do the first of my school visits next friday, hopefully to get most of the four hours I need at that level.  I may not be able to actually go to the board meeting like I'm supposed to, but they do record them so I may be able to do that.  If the teacher agrees to count it.
Got things set for the class presentation next week in the educ class with my group.  Just need references and some big sheets of paper.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Think I know just what to do for my seminar project-may still go with the rebel idea for a bit, but got a better one later.  Just going to take a lot of time.  And doing medium format should be fun.  Still need to do the pictures for that one exhibition...
Did not get a lot of sleep from sunday to monday-really hate all night cramps-so I was rather out of it all day.  Got my taxes filed and accepted, so now I'm just waiting for the 'refund' stuff.  Most of the snow has melted, which is a bit sad but also kind of expected due to the possibility of a early spring.
Need to get things arranged for visiting schools this week, but that will take time.
Temple open house tomorrow!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Fog, Fog, and More Fog

Both yesterday and today we had very thick fog-partly a yucky inversion-that is really cool to look at but no much fun to drive through.  Got really thick right before the mouth of a canyon on my way to school yesterday, and then cleared right up after that.  And looked not to far off a hurricane type during the clear part.  Did something similar today, but without the near whiteout before clearing.  Got some fun pictures on the bus though.
I guess I should mention that the reason I don't want to hang out with that classmate is this particular one likes to find graphic road kill and mess around with it.  And they make me uncomfortable just being around them in class and viewing their work.  They want me to be uncomfortable it seems, yet I'm uncomfortable just in class with them.
At least I have Institute-which is right after that class, yay!-and intro to teaching, as I may be pushed to 'get out there' but not by doing stuff that is not only gross but likely to get me in a lot of trouble.  I am worried as there is a large class project coming up in studio lighting-a lot of the same classmates in addition to the same teacher-which everyone has input on.  And everyone else already has some unpleasant ideas. Sigh....

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


My seminar teacher is doing it again.  Guess what their suggestion was for my project today.  Roll in poop-not they didn't mention what kind-strap a gopro on my forehead and stroll though a crowded area to get the reaction.  Can't think of a word that truly describes my feelings on the subject.  Its either that or run around with a classmate asking people awkward questions.  Yeah right.  Had a better idea that I would much rather do, but may be too 'rebellious' in terms of what they want. Not sure I really care, but don't want to push too hard either.
At least experimental is still fun.  We learned how to make 2 different kinds of book binding and covers.  Really want to try that stuff now...
Oh well, I'll deal with the teacher for one last period-downside of having the same one for 2 classes- and then I have a whole week off.  So want to just relax....

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Forgot about a scene in experimental photography yesterday.  I was listening to a classmate tell another classmate that they wanted to find out what makes silver nitrate and ammonium citrate-or whatever the platinum process ingredient is-light sensitive so they could try and find another method. The teacher overheard and informed them that it was a bad idea.  Especially given that all the methods we currently use took roughly 150 years to cement down.  They are still planning to find out either way.
Should be interesting to see what comes of it...

Monday, February 8, 2016

Not Good...

Got to bed rather late last night, but was fine once I got to school.  Early classes were normal-somehow a classmate forgot to clean up after using silver nitrate so I've got a brown splotch on my right hand-with learning platinum/palladium process for printmaking.  At least I made it on time for this one.
Seminar was going over exhibitions and where to find them online.  Have two in mind I need to get more info about.  A classmate was really excited about one they found and showed it to me.  Might do it, but not sure yet. only 30 photos for this weeks crit due to some issues with my camera's memory card.
Then came institute, which is the only class I feel relaxed in, enough so that when the teacher turned off the lights for a slide show I started falling asleep! Gah! Sigh.  Nearly ran to the library-had a reading assignment and response due tomorrow, now done-trying to wake back up for studio lighting.  Feel so bad, as I really wanted to be involved in that class...
Another mercy is I got my assignment for lighting done Friday, and talked my second oldest brother into modeling for a possible seminar idea.  May have to change it again, but this one might actually go somewhere. also got the photos onto my flash drive so I won't have to pull out my memory card again.
Thinking a chicken cordon bleu soup for wedneday's crock pot dinner. I think we have all the stuff, but I don't have the recipe yet.  I've got my sister's, but that's not a crock pot one.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Not the Best Idea, but Not the Worst

If you've seen RED you know that quote.  Decided to donate blood after my class ended early yesterday, which meant I missed my usual buss and had to wait for a later one.  Also meant work was ignoring my stomach after the first few hours and hoping I didn't get dizzy.  Was on drive so I could take it a bit easy, though I was still running around.
Studio lighting keeps heating things up-joke on how the lights make the room a bearable temperature given how hot they can get-on monday, and there were six of us making portraits for the assignment due next monday.  Still need stuff for my still life, though I have and idea for the modern representation.  Need the movie shots too, which I hope to get done today.
Exp project was okay, though the teacher wants me to reprint the darker ones so they have more to go on.  We're supposed to move on to platinum from salt prints next monday, so this should be interesting.
Seminar was crit, which means we got out early.  Had some interesting shots to show, but all of us have a long way to go on our projects.  Would help if I wasn't so tired right now...
Made a asian chicken recipe for the slow cooker this morning, which meant I was on time to class for once. Need to find simpler recipes like that one so they don't take as long.  Sad part is that means my mom has to finish getting it together before they can eat it....

Monday, February 1, 2016

That was sooo Cold!

This morning had mild snow fall combined with heavy winds that made the temperature feel like it was in the negatives.  It grabbed the already fallen snow from saturday and last night-I think-and blew it around with what was coming down so just walking for five minutes to class I couldn't hold anything as my hands were numb.  My face went rather fast too.
Had fun-sort of given the snow-helping my aunt with her moulds on saturday before work.  The shelves she stored them on were collapsing so she needed other temporary storage for them.  She has quite a few.  Including a set for a christmas scene my great grandmother made.  My sister and I want to make our own scene using said moulds so we went to help.
Work was a crazy pastry night, as I was scheduled til 9 and got off just before 10. Figures.  But I kind of need all the hours I can get, so other than being very tiring I won't complain too much.  Would rather stay late than leave it all for the two cashiers who were scheduled to close.  They have this new dark chocolate cherry almond scone I really want to try...
School was okay, as it got me out of the above snow, but I managed to get silver nitrate on my fingers so three have black splatters and another two have brown ones.  Got the first assignment done, though not as good as I'd like it to be. Sigh...
Didn't get to finish lunch before institute-enough to keep my stomach silent for the class-so I'm going to before the last class of the day. Get to try and get that assignment done today too.