Monday, February 22, 2016

They Like It!

My seminar teacher got a look at my latest set of contact sheets for my project and they liked the new idea.  Even gave me a few suggestions for which ones to print.  Didn't do all of the ones they suggested, but I did print a few, as well as some of my own pick.  But that's a good sign.  Plus I like the way this one is going...
Experimental is still holding on, though today was a bit dicey.  Had only two of the four pictures ready and can't find a physical picture to use.  Not to mention I still need one specifically taken for the project. Sigh.  But a classmate was very nice to split the brand new sheet of paper they'd just bought with me after asking if I needed some.  I'd told them that I did, but lacked the funds to get it.  So they bought it and shared.  That classmate just rose quite a few points in my book...
My truck decided to act up over the weekend-may have mentioned it's failure to start before work friday-so saturday I took the battery out to test it.  That wasn't the problem.  Cleaned the terminals and clamps then reconnected it.  It started then, but when I tried to use it for church it failed to start. Sigh.  My dad and second oldest brother very nicley helped me figure out why last night so I could use it for school today.  The positive terminal wiring had gotten gunk under the clamp-which I didn't get to while cleaning saturday-and was opening the circuit and preventing power from reaching the starter.  So once more it was taken apart-further this time-cleaned and put back together. Started fine this morning so hopefully that will be the only problem for now.

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