Monday, February 1, 2016

That was sooo Cold!

This morning had mild snow fall combined with heavy winds that made the temperature feel like it was in the negatives.  It grabbed the already fallen snow from saturday and last night-I think-and blew it around with what was coming down so just walking for five minutes to class I couldn't hold anything as my hands were numb.  My face went rather fast too.
Had fun-sort of given the snow-helping my aunt with her moulds on saturday before work.  The shelves she stored them on were collapsing so she needed other temporary storage for them.  She has quite a few.  Including a set for a christmas scene my great grandmother made.  My sister and I want to make our own scene using said moulds so we went to help.
Work was a crazy pastry night, as I was scheduled til 9 and got off just before 10. Figures.  But I kind of need all the hours I can get, so other than being very tiring I won't complain too much.  Would rather stay late than leave it all for the two cashiers who were scheduled to close.  They have this new dark chocolate cherry almond scone I really want to try...
School was okay, as it got me out of the above snow, but I managed to get silver nitrate on my fingers so three have black splatters and another two have brown ones.  Got the first assignment done, though not as good as I'd like it to be. Sigh...
Didn't get to finish lunch before institute-enough to keep my stomach silent for the class-so I'm going to before the last class of the day. Get to try and get that assignment done today too.

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