Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Not the Best Idea, but Not the Worst

If you've seen RED you know that quote.  Decided to donate blood after my class ended early yesterday, which meant I missed my usual buss and had to wait for a later one.  Also meant work was ignoring my stomach after the first few hours and hoping I didn't get dizzy.  Was on drive so I could take it a bit easy, though I was still running around.
Studio lighting keeps heating things up-joke on how the lights make the room a bearable temperature given how hot they can get-on monday, and there were six of us making portraits for the assignment due next monday.  Still need stuff for my still life, though I have and idea for the modern representation.  Need the movie shots too, which I hope to get done today.
Exp project was okay, though the teacher wants me to reprint the darker ones so they have more to go on.  We're supposed to move on to platinum from salt prints next monday, so this should be interesting.
Seminar was crit, which means we got out early.  Had some interesting shots to show, but all of us have a long way to go on our projects.  Would help if I wasn't so tired right now...
Made a asian chicken recipe for the slow cooker this morning, which meant I was on time to class for once. Need to find simpler recipes like that one so they don't take as long.  Sad part is that means my mom has to finish getting it together before they can eat it....

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