Wednesday, February 10, 2016


My seminar teacher is doing it again.  Guess what their suggestion was for my project today.  Roll in poop-not they didn't mention what kind-strap a gopro on my forehead and stroll though a crowded area to get the reaction.  Can't think of a word that truly describes my feelings on the subject.  Its either that or run around with a classmate asking people awkward questions.  Yeah right.  Had a better idea that I would much rather do, but may be too 'rebellious' in terms of what they want. Not sure I really care, but don't want to push too hard either.
At least experimental is still fun.  We learned how to make 2 different kinds of book binding and covers.  Really want to try that stuff now...
Oh well, I'll deal with the teacher for one last period-downside of having the same one for 2 classes- and then I have a whole week off.  So want to just relax....

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