Monday, February 29, 2016


Last week was kind of crazy, so I didn't get anything past the 22.  Lighting was a group project that we nearly finished-after my group had to wait for the other two to finish so we could move on to what they were doing.  Reason we didn't finish was twofold: first we ran out of time, and second the lights we were using required a battery pack and that ran out of juice before we really got started. Figures.
Group teaching presentation on tuesday that was fun, though I was running around finishing the latest project for experimental before and after.  They really liked the glow stick thing.  And who doesn't know about Dr. Seuss-the activity I was in charge of-so that made them a bit more interested.
The presentations on wednesday went well too, with my photo's for experimental being more consistent than the first one.  The seminar class liked my new direction just as much as the teacher.  Now I have to continue and follow where it goes.
Didn't get my group project done-we tried to meet but just didn't get there early enough-but it was okay.  The teacher knew we weren't done-still are not-and we actually cleaned up the studio and then worked on the class project.  We had to each come up with an idea and then decide on one person's.  Wound up with a witch burning scene that should use the entire class and maybe a few extras. I'm going to be a falsely accused witch screaming in pain while the real witch is being creepy nearby-still in debate as to whether she's tied to a stake as well, or in the crowd-and there's another false witch also burning with me.  Not going to really burn us, but they may use a real fire in front.
Got to visit a school-junior high, makes me think of a Studio C episode-friday, so I was busy then too.  Was fun.  Sat in on a photography class that had a sub, and an english teacher who just finished their three year trial run.  Arranged to go back this friday to finish that set.
Saturday was evil wild rose bush trimming, which means my hands look like I tried to corner a wild cat as gloves don't work for me.
At least I've got the pictures I want to use for the book project in experimental, just have to decide how to print them.  Should be fun.

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