Friday, February 19, 2016

Yep, Again.

Wanted to take pictures using a medium format but I don't have the film.  So either I turn it in late, or I use view camera, which is a lot harder to do what I was hoping to.  Figures.  At least I'm trying, just have to figure it out as it supposedly due next wednesday.  I'll find out I guess.
Got a lot of pictures for my new project while going to the new Provo City Center Temple wednesday.  Also got some of the temple and the grounds too, which should be fun to see if they will work for crit.
Crazy snow storm yesterday, with a hail like blizzard one minute and clear skies the next.  Coated the ground then melted partly into a slushy mush which made driving interesting.  Certainly made work a bit chaotic.
Got set up to do the first of my school visits next friday, hopefully to get most of the four hours I need at that level.  I may not be able to actually go to the board meeting like I'm supposed to, but they do record them so I may be able to do that.  If the teacher agrees to count it.
Got things set for the class presentation next week in the educ class with my group.  Just need references and some big sheets of paper.

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