Monday, February 8, 2016

Not Good...

Got to bed rather late last night, but was fine once I got to school.  Early classes were normal-somehow a classmate forgot to clean up after using silver nitrate so I've got a brown splotch on my right hand-with learning platinum/palladium process for printmaking.  At least I made it on time for this one.
Seminar was going over exhibitions and where to find them online.  Have two in mind I need to get more info about.  A classmate was really excited about one they found and showed it to me.  Might do it, but not sure yet. only 30 photos for this weeks crit due to some issues with my camera's memory card.
Then came institute, which is the only class I feel relaxed in, enough so that when the teacher turned off the lights for a slide show I started falling asleep! Gah! Sigh.  Nearly ran to the library-had a reading assignment and response due tomorrow, now done-trying to wake back up for studio lighting.  Feel so bad, as I really wanted to be involved in that class...
Another mercy is I got my assignment for lighting done Friday, and talked my second oldest brother into modeling for a possible seminar idea.  May have to change it again, but this one might actually go somewhere. also got the photos onto my flash drive so I won't have to pull out my memory card again.
Thinking a chicken cordon bleu soup for wedneday's crock pot dinner. I think we have all the stuff, but I don't have the recipe yet.  I've got my sister's, but that's not a crock pot one.

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