Thursday, July 28, 2016


Getting extra hours at work is nice for saving for my last semester of school.  Not so nice on my feet after 5.5 and a 7.5 hour shift. But I need what I can get for now.  Plus my boss likes to throw in some treats and stuff as they feel bad for making me work so long.
Managed to get a rather nasty sunburn next to my armpit which sadly rubs when I wear my work uniform and is another thing that makes long hours unpleasant for now.  But it's getting better fast so not for long at all.
My dad had a solution to the birds attacking my ear wig traps-they'd eat the bugs out of it and somehow get the can all the way to the grass in the process-by using tent stakes to nail it in place.  Can't complain about them eating the bugs, as the point was to kill the bugs to begin with.  But having to replace the bait due to the birds dumping it out is not helpful.  Now I've just got to get some that won't pull up easy or get in the way of the birds eating.
Waking up with a headache again, though getting up early for work seemed to have diminished it a bit today.  Wish I could afford better pillows, the ones at the trailer-where we went last week-were very nice.
Now I need to go see if the butternut has taken over that one pepper plant and how big the zucchini have gotten.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Loads of fun getting home from a two day vacation to find the house so humid you feel drenched just walking in the door.  Even turning on a fan didn't help much.  Plus it was nearly 3 a.m. so I was tired.  I took a shower hoping it would help me fall asleep-it didn't work.
I guess it was such a shock given we'd been up north so things got a lot colder at night.  No fans needed there, just an open window.  There was plenty of cool breeze.
Trip was fun, though I was hoping to go tubing down a nearby river but there just wasn't time.  I got a new swimsuit anyway, as there is a family pool party coming up. I'd like to go swimming sooner, but oh well.
Set up my interview to get my endowments!  Had to chase down the ward secretary though, swear the person would disappear before I even got close.  But I found them and got it all ready.  Trying not to let my nerves talk me out of it.  If anything, that convinces me that I'm going in a good direction. They usually warn me against those type of 'risks'.
I really want ice cream right now....

Friday, July 15, 2016

Happy Birthday

To quote the Frozen Fever short.  I'm now the same age my mom was when she gave birth to me.  That's not a weird feeling at all.  But ti was fun though a bit of a roller coaster.  My older-not the oldest-sister forgot and then spent a few texts telling me how bad she felt about it.  I spent about a half hour telling her to stop beating herself up. My sister in law and brother got some rather upsetting bad news so they kind of hid in their room to avoid ruining my day-wouldn't have blamed them for it though...-. Still a nice day.  Got to do baptisms-really cool scene where a visually impaired brother was both baptized and baptizing right before us-so my hair was damp for the rest of the night.  Took my mom to Denny's for breakfast, which we were not impressed.  Would have preferred Kneaders by the time we left. But the Spaghetti Factory made up for it.  And I got to spend the whole day with my mom-poor dad had to work until we went to the temple, so not nearly as much time with him-and she got my eyebrows waxed.  But I think they are finally to where she's happy with them.
Got to harvest the only lettuce we got yesterday!  Not sure when it will get eaten, but it's washed and in the fridge.  More blackberries too-of course-.  Peppers are still very small.  But the butternut is really going nuts. Already have one about four inches long.
Need to get a swimsuit soon....

Monday, July 11, 2016


Verses evenings at work.  A coworker asked me saturday which I preferred.  Thinking about it now, mornings are crazier so it doesn't feel as long, but I tend to get stuck on the register and nothing else.  Evenings are slower, but I get to do drive and expo a lot more.  So I don't really know.
Garden's really getting going, for what actually grew.  My boss mentioned that it being my first time I shouldn't beat myself up too much.  Plus I can't exactly control the stupid crickets or what ever that are eating the smaller plants to death and ruining the larger ones.  And then something took the top off two of the bigger corn plants-I think they'll survive, but I don't think it was the crickets-so I'm getting annoyed.
One of the other pepper plants grew, and its big enough to survive! The only problem is it's very close to one my mom bought and I planted.  Right now its too small to cause problems, but when both of them get bigger it will be. So I may need to move the smaller one while the roots are still in the peat moss starter thing.  If they still are that is....

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Turns out the berries are black berries, not raspberries.  But we still used them for a fruit salad last night and today's green-turned it purple-shake. Not many more getting ripe yet, but my sister in law was a bit disappointed.  She thinks we got them from our neighbor who has a whole crop of the plants.  Wouldn't surprise me given the way the birds have reseeded stuff in the garden and the lawn that was not there to begin with.
The burn on my finger from sunday-leave it to me to give myself a nasty burn while cooking a cake for my sister-turned into a blister yesterday and I popped it while weeding today.  And I thought doing that to regular blisters hurt...
My poor mom ripped most of her pinky toenail off so I had to help her get the rest off before it caused more damage.  Funny that she's leary of me messing with her toes given how much my dad plays with them. Or maybe that's why she's so touchy about them....

Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day!!!

Not that I've got huge plans or anything, but it is an excuse to set things on fire that can blow up-in some cases-and get together with family.  Granted, I've been hearing fireworks for the past few days.  Kind of wish I could get some of my own, but if there are some at the barbecue that'll work just fine.
The raspberries are ripe! at least some are.  I got all the ones that were ready I could find-and the bushes got me a bit for it in the process-as well as the spinach that was starting to seed.  Not sure about the kale, have to see when my mom gets home. But I got to harvest something!
Made a cake for my sister's birthday yesterday that took far longer than I thought it would.  But she liked it.  It was a first for me so I wasn't satisfied.  Supposed to be chocolate with a chocolate lemon flavored topping-actually three different types of topping, one for the layers, one for the outside, and a final layer to kind of stick it all together-but the lemon didn't really come through.  And I burned the second layer a bit while melting the chocolate part of it. And I forgot the lemon slices to garnish it.  But I guess I can do that part today when we sing to her(I hope).
Here's to the birth of the nation!